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Date: June 26, 2017

01) Maker Studios Is Shutting Down Blip Next Month

“July 20, 2015:

Disney-owned Maker Studios will shut down its web video portal Blip next month. Blip informed its users Monday that it will shut down on August 20, and encouraged them to export their videos.

Founded in 2005, Blip was a pioneering online video site that was home to many of the first video bloggers. Blip initially pitched itself as a more community-focused alternative to YouTube, and at one point had around 900,000 video publishers on its platform.”

I just became aware of the fate of Blip.tv, while reposting some of my 2009 Baywords posts [a process I’m chipping away at]…

I did not know that Blip.tv was entirely shut down.

During that time period [2009-ish], Blip.tv was to me, what Vimeo is to me now…an important, second media base, to act as an alternative to YouTube [where censorship has become next to intolerable].

Blip.tv was a good service…I liked it there…My account was probably three or four years old, when they decided to haphazardly stop serving a large chunk of their user base…and they started pruning away accounts that “weren’t professionally produced”.

I never understood why they closed down accounts, as opposed to disabling the video upload [etc.] feature…It forced you to lose everything, including subscriptions to channels you were keeping track of.

This alienated a lot of Blip.tv’s user base, and I’m sure caused a lot of bad will.

Very, very bad misstep on their part…and they apparently never recovered…being left easy pickings, for a larger corporation to snatch up and devour, however it pleased.

In some ways…I’m sad about this…Blip.tv was a good service, originally…And I’d like to still be able to embed [or at least share] their videos on my blog…But, bad decisions ran Blip.tv into the ground.

YouTube needs one hell of a lot more serious competition [and we, the people, need a lot more options]…which is why this type of thing is so depressing to see.

Wizards of Odds…

Date: June 26, 2017

01) Wizards of Odds

“Probability is the backbone of science, but how well do you understand it? Odds are, not as well as you think; it is a surprisingly subtle concept that is often misunderstood, sometimes even by professionals who use it to guide crucial and far-reaching decisions. In this program, experts from technology, physics, medicine, and programming explore the slippery side of probability and the powerful role it plays in modern life.”

It’s Alive, But Is It Life: Synthetic Biology and the Future of Creation…

Date: June 26, 2017

01) It’s Alive, But Is It Life: Synthetic Biology and the Future of Creation

“For decades, biologists have read and edited DNA, the code of life. Revolutionary developments are giving scientists the power to write it. Instead of tinkering with existing life forms, synthetic biologists may be on the verge of writing the DNA of a living organism from scratch. In the next decade, according to some, we may even see the first synthetic human genome. Join a distinguished group of synthetic biologists, geneticists and bioengineers who are edging closer to breathing life into matter.

Original Program Date: June 4, 2016
MODERATOR: Robert Krulwich
PARTICIPANTS: George Church, Drew Endy, Tom Knight, Pamela Silver”