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Date: June 29, 2017

It may not be known to most readers of this blog, that Our Love Frontier has been the target of an organized smear and censorship campaign. It started almost a month ago. I believe Melisa Zaccaria is amongst the people who piled on.

There’s nothing honestly new about this sort of thing…But I thought it would be appropriate to document this event, and give more context to the few previous Melisa Zaccaria [“the honey bee”] posts that have shown up here.

Those posts may have seemed strange, or “making something out of nothing”…But there’s more of a history and build up behind it…And I wanted to fill in that blank, a bit.

Kahlil Pfaff [someone I’ve never herd of] decided to rally a bunch of people, behind a malicious effort to take down Our Love Frontier.

Note the dehumanization, by referring to this blog [which is a labor of love, spanning a large portion of my life] as “rot”.

This is an example of typical, egotistical arrogance and superiority complex…the likes of which I have almost universally seen, in the people who attack myself or my resources.

He shares that told him they would not suspend or delete my blog…He also clearly owns the fact, that he attempted to get this blog taken down.

This is the person, himself…A better copy is below.

RavensVu is an old member of Absolute Zero United [and likely Perverted Justice]…I found this sociopath talking behind my back, no less than twice…spreading rumors and false information about me…She was instantly recognizable to me, due to her nasty, sociopathic character…which she absolutely radiates [like all AZU members did].

She’s probably Violet Leaves…could be Jacey…The nasty attitude fits more than one AZU persona…Maybe they were the same person…

…She still gloats over the BlogSpot purge…But today, she is not in a position of power and influence…She doesn’t have an inside person, to rely upon.

A few comments I left in that Twitter thread.

Clean Copies – Attempted Censor & Response:

I’d like to thank, for being such a stand up service. This kind of integrity is rare. I appreciate this, more than words can express…and I will never abuse this arrangement.

As to the claim “much of the content on [Our Love Frontier] is related to child sexual exploitation, aka pedophilia”…

…Kahlil appears not to understand what pedophilia [a sexual orientation, and attraction] is…versus what child sexual exploitation is.

If Kahlil is implying that I advocate or promote child sexual exploitation, then he is grossly in the wrong…

…There are a lot of nuanced issues discussed here…and it is manipulative, to imply you can label them “child sexual exploitation” related.

At the same time…I am certain, that I have discussed child sexual exploitation, as a social issue…

…Does Kahlil believe I have no right to form and express an opinion, on such a matter?

Kahlil is exactly the sort of person I am talking about, when I speak of Moral Supremacists and Moral Imperialists.

These people have no respect for anyone, who falls outside of their own worldview.

If Kahlil wishes to see rot…he only need look inward…

…His behavior is rotten to the core.


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