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Research Survey: Determinants of moral attitudes towards adult-child sex among men with pedophilia…


Date: July 01, 2017

01) Determinants of moral attitudes towards adult-child sex among men with pedophilia

“This survey will focus on your moral attitudes towards adult-child sex. Completing the questionnaire will take approximately 8 minutes of your time.

The study is intended to examine how people with sexual interests in children think about adult-child sex. People with a sexual interest in children have different opinions on whether adult-child sex is morally permissible or not. Some people believe that adult-child sex is always exploitative and harmful, that children’s and adults sexualities are too different to allow a healthy sexual relationship, and that children cannot understand the meaning and consequences of sexual behavior, while others disagree. These evaluations might also change depending on the level of sexual maturity and the gender of the child. In the following survey, we want to assess the effects of the child’s sexual maturity level and gender on moral attitudes towards adult-child sex among men with pedophilic interests.

Therefore, you will read a short scenario describing sex between an adult and a prepubescent or pubescent boy or girl and asked to provide a rating. Please also note that the statements in the following questionnaire were designed for scientific purposes and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the research group. It is planned to sample approximately 236 people with sexual interests in children before puberty.

At the end of the questionnaire, we will ask for your age, sex, political ideology, ethnicity, and whether you have biological children. You will also be asked whether you have been convicted for child sexual abuse, child pornography offenses or other types of sexual offenses in the past. This is necessary to explore whether different subgroups of people show different patterns of responses.”

As usual, I give no advice on whether any individual person should participate in this research. I merely pass along the information, that it is out there and open for participation.