Research Survey: Determinants of moral attitudes towards adult-child sex among men with pedophilia…


Date: July 01, 2017

01) Determinants of moral attitudes towards adult-child sex among men with pedophilia

“This survey will focus on your moral attitudes towards adult-child sex. Completing the questionnaire will take approximately 8 minutes of your time.

The study is intended to examine how people with sexual interests in children think about adult-child sex. People with a sexual interest in children have different opinions on whether adult-child sex is morally permissible or not. Some people believe that adult-child sex is always exploitative and harmful, that children’s and adults sexualities are too different to allow a healthy sexual relationship, and that children cannot understand the meaning and consequences of sexual behavior, while others disagree. These evaluations might also change depending on the level of sexual maturity and the gender of the child. In the following survey, we want to assess the effects of the child’s sexual maturity level and gender on moral attitudes towards adult-child sex among men with pedophilic interests.

Therefore, you will read a short scenario describing sex between an adult and a prepubescent or pubescent boy or girl and asked to provide a rating. Please also note that the statements in the following questionnaire were designed for scientific purposes and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the research group. It is planned to sample approximately 236 people with sexual interests in children before puberty.

At the end of the questionnaire, we will ask for your age, sex, political ideology, ethnicity, and whether you have biological children. You will also be asked whether you have been convicted for child sexual abuse, child pornography offenses or other types of sexual offenses in the past. This is necessary to explore whether different subgroups of people show different patterns of responses.”

As usual, I give no advice on whether any individual person should participate in this research. I merely pass along the information, that it is out there and open for participation.


7 thoughts on “Research Survey: Determinants of moral attitudes towards adult-child sex among men with pedophilia…

  1. Yure

    I participated in that one. It caused a lot of drama on Boychat. I went as far as sending the researcher an e-mail to apologize for the behavior of some users in there. One guy told the researcher to shove her project up her… well… and he wasn’t the only one. It harms our chances of acceptance: now that researchers want to listen to us, it would be counter-productive to attack them.
    Anyway, I took the survey. It was nice, easy-going, but definitely took more than eight minutes. I like how Virtuous Pedophiles, with a membership of 2000, took part in the study and, nonetheless, it concluded that only 7% of pedophiles see adult-child intimacy as morally wrong if the child enjoys it, if she wasn’t harmed and no one ever knows about it.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I’m not positive…but I think I also took part in this one. I do vaguely recall taking part in at least one such study, this past year…It was probably this one.

      I don’t think I’ve seen the official outcome of this study.

      BoyChat is kind of…I don’t know…

      Years upon years ago, there used to be a real optimism within BoyChat…There was a lot more openness to engaging the world…

      A great many of us took part in the first, of what was supposed to be a series of empirical studies on non-institutionalized “pedophiles”…a research project which got permanently shelved and abandoned after so much work, in the face of hostile malcontents trying to derail it, and in the shadow of the Rind, Tromovitch and Bauserman meta analysis uproar…

      Over the years, a number of people have approached us to participate in research…And many have felt they were exploited by those people, and burned by the experience…The end result wasn’t something that left us believing, that how they’d originally sold it to us was really what they had in mind. They duped a bunch of MAPs into participating…and then proceeded to do whatever they wanted with the data collected.

      Many believe it’s better to ignore these “studies”, or actively try to dissuade MAPs from participating, as opposed to giving other people content to manipulate and attack us with.

      I view what you’ve described at BoyChat, as the result of it’s community [and other MAP communities] being repeatedly exploited and abused by charlatans.

      The bunker mentality has only gotten worse, over the years…

      …I also think it’s branched off into “eating our own”, in some cases.

      1. Yure

        Maybe I am too positive about it. But I’m willing to be slapped many times. The researcher in this one, however, told us that one of her coworkers was attracted to minors. Having a MAP in her academic team sounded interesting for me. And I saw the outcome study, it’s “What If the Child Seems to Like It? Survey on moral attitudes towards adult-child sex among men with and without pedohebephilia.”
        It’s a shame that the study you told me about was abandoned and I figured that the reason why people reacted so poorly was the bitter taste that was left by mental health professionals. They have the right to be offended. I just don’t think we should discourage researchers from listening to us. I feel like I have a lot to learn from you, tho.

      2. eqfoundation Post author

        If I get a good sense about it, I don’t mind taking part in such studies. I don’t mind directly engaging people over the internet, for that matter.

        …But, there’s also people who’ve had enough…had enough abuse, and what not…and they largely shun a lot of this sort of activity.

        I don’t entirely blame them…Though, I do think it’s a shame, that so much potential gets dismissed.

        The study I speak of was collecting data back in the early two thousands…There were appointed people traveling around, and witnessing the collection of data [unlike online surveys]…You filled it out…sealed it…and dropped it into a convenient public mail box…Then they were on their way…Though I did happen to meet two BoyChatters, because of my participation.

        There were two to three hundred [maybe more] surveys collected.

        It would have been the first study of its kind…But, the university funding it got cold feet after witnessing what happened to the university behind the meta analysis…and the data is presumably still collecting dust, somewhere in a storage house.

        Many of us were outraged and infuriated by this.

      3. Yure

        It’s indeed very discouraging… but maybe it’s attempted again, as the stigma reduces. I noticed that more people come out supportive, both on Youtube and social media. Hopefully, that’s a reflex of people starting to notice that a lot of news are just jumpscares.

      4. eqfoundation Post author

        I think the time is ripe to push forward, yes…But I don’t know that the research will focus on all the areas we want it too, or with full integrity.

        I think…it’s hobbling forward, after people with their own sex negative bias have decided to pile on…and this all stands the possibility, of being another thing that gets hijacked out from underneath us.

        I think that is another one of the things, that really has gotten under the skin of BoyChatters, as well.

        The BoyChat community is old…It’s one of the oldest communities on the internet…Many members have died, or ended up in prison…It’s dwindling…and it’s really been in a death spiral, for quite a few years.

        BoyChat is iconic, historically relevant and certainly not unimportant…but BoyChat is not the future for us…It’s just something holding on, likely with not even a dozen posters participating, at any given time.

        I wouldn’t worry too much, about how BoyChat reacts to current research of this type…I’d rather judge the people behind any study, for myself.

        Unfortunately…what most people support, is research on “how to control MAPs”…It’s ultimately about inhibiting human beings.

        I think…virtually none of this modern research, is at all interested in studying minor adult sexual relationships, in an honest, methodologically sound manner.

        The people with the spine and ethics to do that, have long ago been alienated from the field…

        …And, as alluded earlier…opportunists have been swooping in, and harvesting from their own agendas in this field.

        That doesn’t mean I think what they’re doing is all bad…But this is not what we had in mind…We did not want to re-energize the abuse narrative “researchers”…

        …Something which also plays into the disgust and anger, at what’s currently happening with “MAP research”.

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