2 thoughts on “Unconscious Bias Backfire…

  1. feinmann0

    Here is another highly dubious weapon that is destined to fall into the wrong hands.

    Scientific American: fMRI Testing to Detect Pedophiles


    “Brain scanning using fMRI holds much promise as a diagnostic tool in evaluating sexual interests, as research has documented a reliable network of brain regions involved in sexual arousal. The current study took this another step by testing whether brain functional activation could be used to infer what someone finds sexually interesting without them knowing.

    Some caution is in order because of the study’s small sample size and the use of uncorrected statistics, which do not rule out the possibility of false positives. The work does, however, offer promise for the application of fMRI to diagnose pedophilia, as well as other deviant sexual interests, such as biastophilia, the sexual preference for rape.

    Michael C. Seto, the forensic research director at the Royal Ottawa Health Care Group, has estimated that 1% of the population is pedophilic, so statistically speaking, most of us probably know someone who is sexually attracted to children. It’s critical, however, that we recognize pedophilia and child sex abuse are two different things, because many pedophiles never act on their desires and don’t view child pornography because they understand that the effects of sexual abuse can be devastating.

    Despite the fact that sexual interest in children was once believed to be the result of sexual abuse in childhood, current research suggests that pedophilia is biological as opposed to learned, and apparently immutable due to associated differences in brain structure and function. Furthermore, a recent fMRI study showed that non-offending pedophiles have greater inhibitory control than pedophiles who have offended, which likely explains why some are more successful in avoiding abusing a child.”

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Thanks for that, feinmann0.

      It’s a very mixed bag, what’s coming out of research these days…isn’t it?

      On the one hand…yes…this poses absolutely horrifying possibilities…

      …On the other hand…they’re actually coming around to the fact, that our orientation is biological. That’s not news to you or me…but, we’re finally getting scientific confirmation…That is huge.

      Now…if we can just avoid the mad scientists, who imagine they should tamper with our allegedly “defective” biology…


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