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LDS Church Leaders Cut Mic When Young Girl Talks About Being Gay…

Date: July 06, 2017

01) LDS Church Leaders Cut Mic When Young Girl Talks About Being Gay

“Savannah is 12 years old and is entering 8th grade in August, 2017. She loves drawing, reading, dancing (she is a Scottish highland dancer), all things Avengers and wants to be an animator for Disney some day. She also happens to be gay. To hear Savannah talk about what happened that day, she’s at about the 21 minute mark in this podcast: http://iliketolookforrainbows.com/2017/05/29/episode-2-savannahs-story/

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For this young ladys courage and honesty…


Star Trek Continues: 8 Episodes…


Date: July 06, 2017

01) StarTrekContinues

Star Trek Continues E01 “Pilgrim of Eternity”:

Star Trek Continues E02 “Lolani”:

Star Trek Continues E03 “Fairest of Them All”:

Star Trek Continues E04 “The White Iris”:

Star Trek Continues E05 “Divided We Stand”:

Star Trek Continues E06 “Come Not Between the Dragons”:

Star Trek Continues E07 “Embracing the Winds”:

Star Trek Continues E08 “Still Treads the Shadow”:

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Robert Sapolsky on science, morality, religion and human behavioral biology [Vert Dider] 2017…

Date: July 06, 2017

01) Robert Sapolsky on science, morality, religion and human behavioral biology [Vert Dider] 2017

“In February 2017, Professor in Stanford University and author of Human Behavioral Biology lectures Robert Sapolsky gave an interview to Vert Dider, where he answered questions from subscribers on science, religion, morality and the most interesting aspects of human behavior.”

Robert Sapolsky: 4. Molecular Genetics I…


Date: July 06, 2017

01) 4. Molecular Genetics I

“(April 5, 2010) Robert Sapolsky makes interdisciplinary connections between behavioral biology and molecular genetic influences. He relates protein synthesis and point mutations to microevolutionary change, and discusses conflicting theories of gradualism and punctuated equilibrium and the influence of epigenetics on development theories.”


Why YouTube Used to Prefer Quality…

Date: July 05, 2017

01) Why YouTube Used to Prefer Quality

“Almost four years ago I made a video about quality vs quantity on YouTube. Reflecting on how the platform is working in 2017 I find that quantity (frequency) has become significantly more important and quality less so.

I’m not saying this is my recommendation for how people should make channels, just that this is what seems to be an effective strategy nowadays.

This video involves two distinct sections: on the streets of London and in “studio”. The London stuff was filmed to correct mistakes in the earlier studio shoot.

The studio shoot was filmed by Raquel Nuno. London street stuff was shot by me on a Zhiyun Crane with GH5.”