Does One Groups Speech, Dampen the Speech of Another Group?…

Date: July 07, 2017

01) Does the Left Hate Free Speech? (Part 1) – ContraPoints

“Examining right-wing (“liberal”) talking point number 1.”

…Is it even possible to determine, let alone regulate?

Here is the problem I have with this idea…It’s subjective…Whomever will presumably make such determinations, will have their own biases.

I don’t trust people, who think in terms of “free speech” being the equivalent of strategic balance in censorship.

That’s a grotesque perversion, of the very concept of free speech.

Differing viewpoints can all be spoken and heard…Unpopular viewpoints can all be spoken and heard…

…The important point, is that we not allow malice to corrupt the arena.

It often demands hearty, stubborn people with tunnel vision…to get uncommon viewpoints off the ground…and they face staggering opposition…It can get treacherous, believe me…

It’s always been this way…It likely always will be this way…because this is a crappy thing about humans, having to co-exist…

The odd men out will always be a target class…and it falls upon them, to keep fighting until things change…

Trying to make it easier, for those select groups “we” like…is only going to introduce political complications, which will come back to bite us hard.

Things don’t change, when you simply shift which group is being targeted and tell yourself “They deserve it”…

…Eventually, the self entitlement to pick “most worthy” voices…will both lead to impossible choices, and will corrupt those making the choices…They will become hypocrites, lacking integrity…literally, just a different style of monster from the monsters they claim to fight.

Theoretically…if the idea of managing social voices in this way were integrally consistent…MAP’s would make out quite well, because not only is there a demonstrable atmosphere of organized terrorism against us…we have also been aggressively kept silent…right alongside anything that might reflect positively upon us.

…But see…this is another place where the breakdown happens…Who do we trust, to maintain integral consistency of this?

I’ll be damned, as a disabled vet, if I am going to forfeit power over my own voice, to anybody who even thinks that way.

Does the Left Hate Free Speech? (Part 2):

Rules are a fine thing, in public discourse…Thing is…none of those rules can be “you cannot speak, in an equal public setting”…Otherwise, you’ve just destroyed the public discourse.

People corralled into echoing the pre-approved script, is not public dialogue…it’s propaganda…It’s manipulation…

If people cannot genuinely air their own concerns [regardless of the nature, severity and reliability]…then we will never have any starting point, from which we can start to work through our differences…

…We’ll just have one politically endorsed voice, keeping down all others.

…That is not a good thing…Socially, it is poison.

A Few Other Thoughts:

I wasn’t really sure what to make of ContraPoints, so I watched a few of their other videos…and I have to say, they have an interesting style…and I think I generally like what they are doing, by contrasting viewpoints in their videos…It takes things to a deeper, insightful level that I do appreciate…

I’m guilty of seeing both sides “too often”, myself…and have been called “wishy washy” for it…But I strongly appreciate the attempt at even handed fairness…and scrupulous integrity, in representing different [often opposed] viewpoints.

Also, I appreciate the comment on trigger warnings…It is true, that some people use these in a passive aggressive kind of way…I’ve seen people attempt poisoning the well, by attaching a trigger warning to something they disapprove of.

…That behavior has always really troubled me.

I appreciate their concerns, that having truth and facts on ones side, is often not enough…I totally understand this frustration.

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