Death with Dignity…


Date: July 10, 2017

“Death with Dignity”…

…The name of this series was taken from the actual movement, of the same name…It is my intention, to highlight the issues and media concerning the pursuit of death with dignity.

I’ve been a strong supporter of this movement for many years…And however depressing the issue may come off…it is a very important social issue…and a personal issue for everybody.

I hope none of this comes off morbid…That’s not my intention…

Having lived with health issues most of my life…I’ve spent a lot of time, contemplating my own mortality…It just comes natural to me, to want a culture where this can occur as smooth and dignified, as possible…respecting personal wishes…and personal needs.

Here, I will highlight media concerning assisted suicide…the assistance of people going through death…plus philosophies and coping skills, dealing with death.

I feel I should add one thing…

…I do not support or endorse suicide, as a method to just simply end ones life…especially for the young, who are dealing with mental health issues.

While I respect that each persons life is their own, to choose what to do with…I do not believe suicide is a good option, unless one is facing a condition which will kill them in the near future…and they simply cannot deal with their condition any longer.

All choices of this manner, must be made by the person who is to undergo the procedure, and nobody else.

In my opinion…elderly people should have the right to choose this, as a method of ending their life…every bit as much as they should have the right, to choose to continue living.

It’s a very heavy issue, but…

…I hope this series proves to be a useful one…Maybe even uplifting, in some manner.


What I post in this series is an exploration of ideas and opinions…Some of these may come from people who are religious, or putting forward concepts I don’t personally embrace…but I find something useful, in the observance of what they have to express.


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