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It’s Because of People Like This…


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Date: July 13, 2017

01) The Left’s Push For Pedophile Acceptance

“Children are sacred beings, little angels that we must protect at all costs.”

It’s because of people like “The White Rose”, that it is so important for the MAP voice to be present and loud.

In the absence of us, and who we are as real human beings…people like her leisurely stroll along, and spread whatever propaganda about us they please…with little to no resistance.

…And we get this endless parade of voices and content, rehashing the same old talking point propaganda…drowning out any real discussion of the relevant issues, by virtue of overwhelming saturation…and creating this illusion, that “this is all there is to know”…

To any MAP out there…as a MAP, do you find it acceptable that people like “The White Rose” speak “on your behalf”, creating and maintaining a stigmatized, stereotypical characterization that represents you?

…Do you find it okay, that people like this are spreading untrue accusations about you…and even summarizing you down to being “a predator”?

…Do you find their support and assertion of “the rightfulness” of institutionalized fear, hatred, libel slander and violation against you to be in any way just, or of good moral character?

We need to flood the social media websites, in masses…not expect a small trickle of MAPs to carry all the weight, in circumstances where alone they will be quickly silenced…

It’s time every MAP started taking part, in actively shaping this dialogue.

Depending on who you believe…as much as one quarter [maybe more] of the population is estimated to have MAP sexual traits…If we could tap into a small fraction of this and organize it…the media websites would not be able to contain us…They would not be able to squelch us out, and grossly skew the visible dialogue.

It’s precisely because of this grossly uneven battlefield, danger riddled solely for MAPs…that people like “The White Rose” get to regurgitate this kind of mental bile…and the common audience is going to think “this is right”…”this is authoritative”…”this is the only acceptable thought”…It’s all they ever hear, or get exposed to…They have nothing alternative, to give them a more balanced perspective.

…They don’t know the reality…They only know what they’ve been fed all their lives.

It’s time we took this state of things, and broke it’s back…It’s time we finally won this excruciating, decades old war…and claimed our human right to engage in the public dialogue…as MAPs…as people who are understood to be MAPs, having a massive stake in all of this, ourselves.

The red herring of “give your sympathies to the children, not to the MAPs”, acting as though the social trend has not been 100% in the direction of hyperbolic “child protection”, for the past thirty plus years…and pretending as though a tiny few initiatives to benefit MAPs [of all ages, including children and youth, not just adults] will somehow “threaten child safety”, is indefensible bullshit.

There is so much wrong with this video, I could spend the rest of the day picking it apart…Any self aware, competently informed MAP with a sense of human self worth, could.

I reject this type of garbage, presented as if it were an authoritative message.

That is not an accurate representation of MAPs and who we are.

The uninformed have no right, to be controlling and manipulating this dialogue…

…sure as hell not, when their control and manipulation is viciously attacking other human beings.

This is like an endless treadmill:

Amongst the list of other things I should be mentioning…I just wanted to point out something I’ve pointed out countless times, in the past.

I’m not trying to attack “The White Rose” on any personal level…she just happens to have recently made a video, which follows a certain kind of “template” pattern for people like her…Most of these people lack a clear understanding of what is going on, yet they create these beautifully distorted, formulaic pieces of media, and present them as “authoritative fact”…behaving as though they’ve just delivered “a slam dunk”, on whomever they are targeting.

…While those of us who’ve been closely involved with these issues for the past decades, can clearly see the glaring problems in what they’ve put forward.

Typically, B4U-ACT gets attacked in these kinds of media…but let’s just stick with what she brought up…”Virtuous Pedophiles”…

An endless parade of people like “The White Rose”, often mockingly and contemptuously sneer at MAPs “get help!”…But these exact same people don’t even recognize it, when MAPs are actively organizing, and attempting to build an institutional structure that can honestly help them.

“Virtuous Pedophiles” [like B4U-ACT], doesn’t even support changing age of consent law…For all practical intents and purposes…they fall in line with the dominant social narrative, on sex between minors and adults.

Their goals are to be [and become greater] support structures for MAPs…and a guiding place, for those MAPs who are in turmoil [possibly at risk of breaking laws].

However much I may disagree with VP…I will never attempt stripping them of their sincerely held intentions…And through their worldview, they are attempting to build a world where social conflict involving MAPs is avoided…And they place the onus primarily on the individual MAP.

They’re actually trying to get MAPs to network, organize…and I believe, ultimately “come out of the closet”…in a manner not so different from the “circles of accountability” model.

When people like “The White Rose” start naming, libeling and shaming groups which are literally doing, what people like them have been telling MAPs to do for decades…”get help!”…

…And when people like “The White Rose” start attacking, tearing down and trying to stop, the various efforts of MAPs to tangibly help their own community, especially in ways that fully cater to the demands of these bigots…

…It has become clear, that people like “The White Rose” are incompetent in this arena of dialogue, and need to excuse themselves from this discussion, if they possess any integrity whatsoever.

You cannot be relentlessly harassing MAPs to “obey your demands”, just to turn around and do everything in your power to stop MAPs who are trying to “obey your demands”.


“Praying” on the Disabled (TTA Podcast 336)…


Date: July 13, 2017

01) “Praying” on the Disabled (TTA Podcast 336)

“How do those with disabilities feel when religious people declare them sinners, a life lesson, or a miracle just waiting to happen? We explore this subject, and the stories of various listeners who have been labeled, named, claimed, prayed over, and in some cases, ignored.”

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Race & IQ Vs. “Skeptics”…

Date: July 13, 2017

01) Race & IQ Vs. “Skeptics”

“Chatting to Chris Dangerfield about the Skeptic community and their rejection of human evolution & the fundamentals of psychology.”

I’ve never really been concerned about average differences in human races…nor do I consider it any measure of worthiness, for the welcomed existence of any race.

It is a taboo issue, because of what a lot of people imagine it implies…whenever we start discussing tangible, measurable differences, amongst human beings…and with a history of ancient race wars…even ones that still go on, today…it’s understandable, why people want to emphasize our human similarities, as opposed to our differences and diversity.

I think what really sets bad with me the most…is the imposed distortion on not just the discussion…but on the intent of the discussion.

As an inquisitive free thinker, looking to improve my knowledge and cognition of the world…I want to know these things…Not because of any desire to hurt people of a certain race…But because it’s important to have, exercise and pass on the freedom of clearly understanding the world as it exists.

That last point really gets at the crux, of why I am so deeply up in arms over the rampant censorship, thought policing, mind conditioning and social bullying that goes on today.

Politically correct speech and thought are no substitute for a clear, uninhibited examination of the world.

Remaining in the illusion just to “keep the peace”, is not a sound road to travel…They just keep you stuck in a rut and distracted, while other ignored social issues crop up and fester.


Date: July 13, 2017


“Today I am talking about how the left just decides that whatever 4chan says is true giving them an insane amount of influence over our culture and politics.

Right now people are claiming that the “ok” hand sign means white power simply because 4chan said it does.”

Planet P Project – Do You See What I See / Behind the Barrier…

Date: July 13, 2017

01) Planet P Project – Do You See What I See / Behind the Barrier

This might be the first time I’ve ever seen the entire double video…

Great video…phenomenal artist…If you don’t know who Tony Carey [aka Planet P Project] is, you are truly missing out.

He is criminally underrated, and “unknown”…when he should be in the Rock n Roll hall of fame.

As a bonus, he offers three of his more recent Planet P Project albums [the “Go Out Dancing” trilogy] for free download, on his official website.


Note: I kept running in a problem with the download website, where nothing would happen when I clicked the “download” button…After reloading each page, it worked…Just thought I’d pass that along.