Sam Harris & Gad Saad Unpack the Stigma Surrounding Racial Differences…

Date: July 14, 2017

01) Sam Harris & Gad Saad Unpack the Stigma Surrounding Racial Differences

“and also gender differences to a lesser degree, on sam’s recent podcast with gad saad. they find it objectionable to try and shut down research on certain topics .”

Race and IQ, Fascinated and Horrified:

I’m not going to post a lot more videos, exploring this subject…though I may post more, if I find them instructive and interesting.

What is attracting me to this subject, is that the information itself has no agenda…but it’s very socially taboo, so it garners a lot of hostility against it. Because of human history, this information is vulnerable to having “a taint of malice” assigned to it…It’s like it cannot be allowed to “just exist”, in it’s own right.

You could almost say…as a MAP who’s recognized the same fate, over data concerning people like myself…it’s in my DNA, to reject offhanded, superficial attacks on socially controversial findings…I’m way more interested in whether the data is sound and true, than whether it offends someone.

While I understand that some people’s offence is born out of noble reasoning…if their offense stops us from understanding reality in this world, then their sense of offense is a roadblock and a handicap…

…Which is why so many people in this world need to put their hair-trigger sense of offense into check…It’s not a help…it’s a hindrance…

At the same time…a valid question is, what are we to do with this information?…

In the USA we have much race mixing…which is perfectly fine…I am of mixed race, myself…I do not identify with any singular race…And we do have multiple generations, who are mixed race…There is no “going back”…We wont un-mix.

…Maybe race mixing is a good thing…I cannot see “pure races” being bred out of existence…The world is to vast…we wont get everyone together…But, maybe it is a good trend?…

Does it help, that the findings may not so much matter in the future, if the majority no longer identify with “a race”?

Getting back to the previous question, a bit…I have to ask…how do we justify keeping information from the masses, based on the notion of what someone might do with it?…or what it may inspire in someone, that might not be good?

Sure…Adolph Hitler existed…but I am not Adolph Hitler…Nazis existed…but I am not a Nazi…Racists exist…but I am not a racist…

…Why should this information be kept from me?…Why should I not explore, consider and critique it?…Why should I not have the ability, to understand what is being put forward?


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