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Joe Manchin Tries to Pander to Progressives on TYT, Fails Miserably…

Date: July 15, 2017

01) Joe Manchin Tries to Pander to Progressives on TYT, Fails Miserably

“Joe Manchin appeared on ‘The Young Turks’ for an interview with Cenk Uygur in a clear attempt to pander to progressives seeing that he’s being challenged by a true progressive in 2018. His attempt to appeal to progressives, however, arguably backfired. He not only came off as a disingenuous politician, but gave some answers that were completely incoherent. In this segment, we break down Manchin’s interview with Uygur, and respond to some of his main claims.

TYT™s Interview with Joe Manchin (Full Clip): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FUcp4gq-zI

The boy’s name is Charlie Gard…It’s unfortunate that this was the response Mike gave to his plight…Really sad situation…but he’s in a dire spot, with no good treatment options available…And the experimental treatment his family wants is both expensive, and not likely to help…The UK wont let him leave the country, to get that experimental treatment.

I also want to say, I really dislike seeing them take The Humanist Report down this direction…The intruding clips, slowing down of clips, etc…it’s lame and annoying…no matter who does it.

I realize there’s only so many times you can role your eyes, and give a witty comeback…But this just comes off cheap and dumb…I’d rather see The Humanist Report maintain it’s previously higher standards.