Is “Talking Dirty” to a Child “Grooming” them?…

Date: July 20, 2017

01) dirty old guy talks dirty to kids

Of course, this video is a spoof…clearly a skit for public entertainment purposes…So, to equate it with “grooming” seems rather outlandish.

I’m not suggesting this video has especially good entertainment value…it’s not especially funny…and comes off like an unfunny guy, trying to make his “inappropriate” belligerence come off like comedy.

All the same…how many of us had that “crazy uncle” [or aunt, grandmother, etc.], who generally talked with us kids like that?…jokes about genitalia…calling people sexual slurs…expressing a desire to have sex with someone…

…I had at least one…

Admittedly…probably most people aren’t going to go out of their way, to do this with children so young as those in the video…

…But sexual joshing, is a pretty common familial thing.

I think people were making something of this, that it really wasn’t.

People were calling for this guy to be investigated by child protection services.

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