The Old Problem of YouTube Censorship and the Fanatics Behind It…

Date: July 20, 2017

01) DavidsFarm Convicted Child Predator just had all his ads pulled by YouTube

“Question, why is YouTube making money from a convicted pedophile who makes videos targeted to children?

Update thanks to the news story featured in this description YouTube has pulled the ads for all of his videos. Now he is no longer able to profit from this. However he still has […] where he still has ads.

Keep the pressure on. YouTube will NOT suspend this guy, however if we contact every single advertiser that has an ad on DavidsFarmVlog then we can get those ads taken down as well.

We can’t stop him from making videos and being around kids, but we can stop YouTube from paying him to do it.”

I have no comment on the target in question…This video is from 2010…Most of the links are dead.

A little bit of researching on “FatAussieBarstard”, gave little else to go on…

These kinds of witch hunts have been going on at YouTube, since way back…

…I had a thriving YouTube channel in 2008, long before this controversy…but it still got unjustly censored, by the fascists and sociopaths on YouTube…And I’m not even “a convicted pedophile”…

…I’ve seen the exact same censorship happen to numerous MAPs…for no other reason, than they are MAPs with the conviction to speak truth.

In this case, we see them going after an alleged “pedophile’s” revenue stream.

The fact that YouTube will quickly cave to these sorts of people [despite their common claims, otherwise], is one of the reasons why we need to finally have a real free speech media platform online…for people who actually need that type of protection

…Are we ever going to see one?

As a MAP…my best years are over, where it comes to producing content…And those years were hounded by the kind of behavior you see in this video…I’ve probably still got five YouTube channels [mostly dormant]…where I can barely do anything with any of them, that I would have naturally chosen to do with them…The lion’s share of my media, has been wiped from the platform…

…I just imagine the body of work that would have existed today, had EQVideo been treated right, like any other YouTube channel…No…maybe my content wasn’t entirely fabulous…but it was better in dialogue and information than 90% of the stuff that gets uploaded to YouTube…and probably deserves a higher standing than that.

…This is an area of EQF [and personal] endeavor, which I was clearly robbed of…It should have gotten much bigger, than it did get…

That’s how the mindless masses manipulate you…they cut you off at the knees, so you cannot stand or move…They make sure you cannot use the exact same advantages they freely have [which they often use against you]…

Yes…I know “Happy Cabbie” has been dead for some time now…I have no intention to pick on him…I just ran across this video, I saved for blogging about…Thought I’d actually use it for something.

I don’t know what this guy being targeted is accused [allegedly convicted] of…I do remember the controversy surrounding his farming channel, vaguely…and thinking what a load of garbage it was, that people were trying to destroy his channel, where he was objectively trying to do something productive…and he wasn’t promoting anything controversial on that channel, that I could find.

…They were just forcing down everyone else’s throat, that “because this guy had a history, he had no right to build something on YouTube”…

MAPs face this type of garbage all the time, on YouTube…And it is dead wrong.

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