About the Possibilities Via Stable Media Platforms…

Date: July 24, 2017

I made a comment here, wondering where my own media collection would be by now, had I been treated the same as any other content producer…

I just wanted to add a thought here…

…To me, “success” in this arena doesn’t necessarily mean tens of thousands of subscribers, and millions of channel wide views…

…”Success” can be something as simple as maintaining a stable resource, that serves the MAP community…It doesn’t even have to concern itself, with those who are not MAPs.

Having a group [or network] of hundreds of MAPs who do this, would be something to reckon with…Imagine if thousands of us did this…produced our own media…

2 thoughts on “About the Possibilities Via Stable Media Platforms…

  1. Pending

    At some point this year or next, I aim to start my own opinion blog. I’m just waiting for the technology to develop for the platform I’ve chosen, so my blog won’t vanish on opening day.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      That’s great!

      Having used four different “free” blogging hosts, I cannot blame any MAP for being hesitant to set up home on one…

      The only one that’s proven to be honestly good, is WordPress.com, this current blog. There are several of us here, openly blogging…and discussing issues related to humanity, intergenerational love [including pedophilia], MAP issues, legal and philosophical issues. In contrast to my past experiences, it’s almost shocking how open you can be here.

      I think it helps to be broad in scope…but not all are.

      No matter where you go, there’s always going to be someone “higher up”, who decides whether your content gets to stay on a server, or be transferred through their network…Every now and then, some people do have a spine, integrity and human empathy.

      Previously, I’ve looked into FreeNet and TOR…But I don’t like the limitations, of only being able to serve people who use that software.


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