Freedom of Speech: Not Just Another Value…

Date: July 24, 2017

01) Freedom of Speech: Not Just Another Value

“I was invited to address the Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Society for Academic Freedom ( on May 13, 2017. Dr. Marc Mercer, President of SAF, and professor in the Department of Philosophy of Halifax’s St. Mary’s University introduced me.

I would like to thank SAF for their support over the last year.

This talk focuses on the reasons that the right to free speech must be considered in some sense paramount among the intrinsic rights, rather than merely one value among many. There is no difference between free speech and free thought, for starters, and without free thought it is impossible to know oneself or the world.”

2 thoughts on “Freedom of Speech: Not Just Another Value…

  1. feinmann0

    “I am not a free speech advocate, let’s say. I am a true speech advocate, which is to say that I believe people should say what they believe to be true. I think that is your obligation – it is also your right but it comes with an obligation, but I don’t think that true speech comes without free speech.”

    We have the twin truths that hundreds if not thousands of children enjoy sexting using a variety of social media platforms in the UK alone (, and that many hundreds of adults, in addition to the plethora of underage sext recipients, enjoy viewing the resulting erotic imagery.

    Key obligations for MAPs:
    • proclaiming sexual desire be acknowledged and positively encouraged for all human beings irrespective of age
    • proclaiming free speech implies all imagery and text be free from censorship.

    The alternative to both these obligations is to continue to suffer from tyranny and oppression.


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