‘Web Of Trust’ Browser Extension Cannot Be Trusted…


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Date: July 25, 2017

01) ‘Web Of Trust’ Browser Extension Cannot Be Trusted

“The popular browser extension is selling very detailed information about you to third parties.


Not all browser extensions can be trusted, though, and an investigation by German TV channel NDR has uncovered a serious breach of privacy by the Web Of Trust (WOT) service, which over 140 million Web surfers trust to help keep them safe online.

WOT has been around since 2007 and claims to be a “Safe Web Search & Browsing” service. What that boils down to is a website reputation and review system fueled by crowdsourcing. Users can view ratings on a per-site basis for trustworthiness and child safety or rate sites themselves.”

02) WOT Hatchet Job on My URL

What appears here at present is considerably different, from how the page looked in 2013.

The grocery list of false claims by “GURBL” has been trimmed down…though, it still remains a complete lie.

“Web of Trust” [Web of Lies, honestly] is set up in such a way, so as to grossly skew it’s “ratings”. They have “premium members” like “GURBL”, who has a history of dumping massive amounts of URLs into the WOT system.

You notice how my website has two instances of feedback?…On any normal website, this would give a 50/50 split in rating…WOT doesn’t work that way…

I don’t remember the exact number…maybe it’s 100…Maybe it’s 1000…But one feedback from someone like “GURBL”, holds the weight of that many individual responders. It would take that many regular responders, just to even things out to a 50/50 split…

WOT is designed, to allow one person to sink your ratings…to such an extent, that it’s nearly impossible to overcome it [if you even care to do so].

I suppose…since they claim to be used by 140 million users…that’s a sizable fraction of the internet population…Which makes this blatantly corrupt practice of theirs extra shitty…and identifies them as remarkably shitty people.

Honestly, I don’t know that it really changed anything for this blog…It’s never been allowed to grow uninhibited [until this incarnation]…So, it’s never gotten huge amounts of traffic…It’s just the whole idea, of what these internet bullies were trying to do…throw their power and resources around, like this…intentionally hurt smaller resources, like mine.

I did an expose on “Web of Trust”, some years ago…after discovering this…I’m not sure if I ever posted it, however.

Further Propaganda:

They blurred out the graphical depiction they used, to represent my blog on their website!…

What did they censor?…

This blog header got censored…as if it were pornographic, or something…

The other things censored look to be the top of my “A Movie Night” sub-blog, and likely my “Steve Diamond is In/Out” graphic, for my instant messenger [or live chat room]…

…If this isn’t scummy behavior, then nothing is.

03) The Current Hatchet Job on This Incarnation of “Our Love Frontier”

Without “GURBL” having their grubby paws in this one, it’s an objectively better rating…but still, some people are lying their asses off, about this blog.

You can visit the website, and mouse over the “Reasons behind user ratings”, to get a better idea of what is being claimed.

At least one person deemed this blog to be a good site [Thank you!]…But most of these claims are couched in the douche bag language, of “may be doing this”, or “may be promoting that”, or “suspected of whatever”…

The absolutely false implications include pornography, gambling, “unproven or incorrect product claims”, “unethical” [aka more douche bag claims], hard to identify or contact me and “fraudulent site, attempting to obtain money, or something else of value”…

Excuse my choice of language…but anyone who regularly visits this blog knows, that these claims are horse shit on their face.

Neither pornography nor gambling have ever been promoted or exchanged here.

I don’t offer any products, for which I even can make a fraudulent claim.

“Unethical” is just a BS term, used by psychologically fragile people, attempting to censor this blog to whatever extent they can.

I am ultra easy to identify and contact…I was back on Blog.com, also…And I’ve progressively implemented large graphics on the right side of this blog, standing out and screaming to people, pointing them in the right direction…One is the “Welcome, Click Here First” graphic…It takes even the dumbest of idiots by the hand, and leads them through everything they need to know…including how to contact me!…

The general “phishing” claim has been repeated, I see…And it’s just a bold faced lie they threw in there, to dissuade people from visiting this blog. This blog has existed for about eight years…Financially, I’ve sunk probably $300 or more into the immediate “blog stuff” [extra services, URL, etc.]…It grows considerably, if you want to count things like my repeated buying of “Magix Music Maker”, and other software I use in the endeavor of blogging…The money I have gotten out of this blog, has amounted to absolutely nothing, whatsoever. Nowhere on this blog, will you find anything asking for your financial information, or other private information. The lies of WOT users, are self evident.

04) The Blog.com rating for this blog?

This incarnation has been gone for about five years…I don’t know if someone was just trying to be “funny”, in a nasty sort of way, and rub it into my face that ratings for my censored blog got excellent ratings by comparison…or if a few good natured people actually did give my blog good ratings, while it was still live…But it’s the only version with a good rating…and you cannot visit it…[though, I will be slowly rebuilding it, here at WordPress]…

Given their past history, it does not surprise me that “Web of Trust” would knife it’s own user base in the back…They have been dirty, ever since they arrived online.

These are people who have no business even being online, and should have had their service terminated years ago, for libeling, slander and online harassment…and just being internet bullies.

“Web of Trust” has been a terrible neighbor, to it’s fellow netizens.

The Flushed Poo Award


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