How Sad: Mellisa is Holding Onto Her Obsessive Vendetta Against Our Love Frontier…


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Date: July 30, 2017

A semi-brief word, before the main post:

In recent past, Mellisa has tried to reframe my scant few posts [and Bernie’s articles Here and Here] in response to her threats, as “hit pieces” on her…further implying, that these are “evidence she’s hitting close to home”…and somehow “validating” her pizzagate/pedogate narrative.

I’m not convinced Mellisa is sophisticated enough, to have intentionally schemed this deep…or been so resourceful, as to exploit the response she directly caused, in such a deceptive manner…

…It’s entirely possible, that she is just this ignorant, in light of everything else she has aligned herself with…

…But I felt it important, for the sake of clarity, to lay out the facts.

I sometimes attempt to engage in friendly, informative and productive dialogue with the general public, but I usually just stick to blogging, here…This is my home, online…and it is where I am based.

Sometimes I aggressively skewer social practices, beliefs and ideas…With scant few exceptions [ie: people who’ve gone to extremes, to injure others individually, or as a class], I consider direct attacks on individual people [and their resources], to be off limits…It is a blow, way below the belt…and attempting to rob anyone of their very ability to express themselves, is always going too far…It is the tactic of a scoundrel.

Unfortunately, there are many gutless scoundrels in this world, who live for the thrill of causing mayhem on others…And I’ve encountered a number of these people, during my decades of activity.

Roughly a month, or six weeks, ago…a handful of people got an itch in their nickers, to do some public chest beating, and issue a public threat against the continued existence of this blog [Our Love Frontier]…A blog that has stood soundly on it’s ethical integrity and legality, for many years…Also, what could fairly be called “my life’s work”…

Mellisa straggled along, onto this “big idea”, that I’m somehow relevant to this thing they call “pedogate”…and that this makes me a prime target of theirs.

There is nothing new about people doing this…

…Likewise, there is nothing new about myself turning the spotlight back on them, and discovering just exactly who these people are, that have decided to threaten the destruction of something so dear and vital to me […sometimes, they also even threaten to destroy “me”, personally…or murder me, in any number of demented ways]…These people who want [and threaten] to hurt me so terribly, are in no position to protest my thoughtful response to them.

…If they choose to behave this way, it is entirely right of me to point out and critique how they are behaving…especially when they start throwing about deception and lies.

If they have distaste for what has come with these responses, it only serves to affirm that even they know their own behavior reflects poorly upon them.

You don’t want to set at the table like a civilized human being?…You want to behave as a snake?…Fine…I will recognize you as a snake, and behave accordingly with you.

You are tampering with my life and existence…and there will be logical consequence for your aggression…and for wasting of my time, on this B.S.

I make no apologies for mentioning these lunatics who step forward and threaten me in any manner…They should be closely looked at, analyzed and deconstructed…People should understand clearly, what they are actually doing.

A few friends stepped in, when people like this threatened Our Love Frontier…They saw Mellisa self identifying as an aggressor towards me [apparently as an influential leader of some form, with a website and an aggressive public mission]…and through no request or commission from myself, it was decided to write an expose article about her…So people could get a real understanding, of what was going on with her….She makes an excellent model, for nearly everything that is so dead wrong, with the religious right’s abuse towards MAPs…

Mellisa’s response to all of this?…It certainly wasn’t to address the valid critiques of her…No…she’s having no part of wiping the dripping mud puddle off of her own face, before removing the speck of dirt from my eye…

…Instead, she pretends as if the response her foul behavior is directly the cause of, is somehow “a spontaneous plot to derail her righteous crusade”…As if, anybody responding back to her, for any reason, is just someone who saw her out there, and decided she’s “too big of a threat to us”, she “must be taken down”…

I’m not sure if she was just being snarky, when she pulled this stunt with me on Twitter…but this woman’s egotistical sense of self importance is way off the charts…As is her sense of superiority…and sense of entitlement, to abuse other human beings.

People like this always have a grossly inflated ego…a grossly distorted view of the world…a deep psychological disconnect from the clear reality of the actions they are committing…and the absurd disposition, of believing they serve an unquestionable, “righteous” cause.

These are the sorts of people so in love with the idea of “saving the world”…that they’ll destroy that same world, in pursuit of their ideal fantasy.

Last, before I get on with the actual post…My focus on people like Mellisa [of which, there have been so, so, so, so many over the years], is two fold…

…One is the obvious documenting of the aggression, itself…documenting the struggle, to exist and live as a MAP in the modern world…

No…I am not asking anyone to cry on my behalf, nor necessarily to do anything…It’s just important to document, all the crap that nasty people put us through…and to call a spade a spade.

…The other reason, is my most historically relevant one…That people like Mellisa are a treasure trove of important issues, to pick up on as a MAP and write about…

It is a very important pursuit for MAPs, to dissect aggressors against them…You can learn and write all sorts of things, from the mere act of observing how these people live, behave…what their true morals are…what motivates them…how they became so distorted in thought…etc, etc…

It just comes naturally to me, to go into this mode whenever an aggressor threatens me…or otherwise smears me [or MAP’s in general].

…Some of the people with a history of being like that towards me, finally realized that this is the intellectual animal I am…And they quit talking too me, or about me, because they knew I’d just pick up on something they’d stated, and write an entire post about it…hence, building my work of writing all the more.

…In a certain manner…I secretly love people like Mellisa…They serve as a mind jogging muse for me.

I’ll admit one thing, however…When Mellisa burst onto the scene, with her website, loud persona and “rallies”, I was inundated with a lot in a very short span of time…And the “heads up” informed me, that she was going to be having a “rally” of like minded people in Boston…

…One thing I can tell you about these sorts of loopy, loose cannons, is that you don’t really know what they are going to do, or what they spontaneously imagine is going to be a great idea…This nitwit “organizer” could have just as easily used the event to publicize the URLs of websites she wants censored, while in front of a lot of other like minded fanatics [it’s certainly happened to MAP’s before].

Having had this dumped into my lap, less than three days before the event…being a person with chronic fatigue, a heart condition, and knowing I’d have to work on two of those days…I was literally boxed in, on a day I was feeling well under the weather, to creating a little something to get in front of the possible onslaught [because I’ll be damned if I’m going to let this person “Perl Harbor” me]…It wasn’t great, but all things considered…the post and recording adequately served their purpose…

Despite that it did not come through in the post…I was considerably annoyed at being forced like this, by the situation before me.

When these people and their initiatives crop up…you have to get on top of what they are trying to do, promptly…Some of that means fortifying, and bracing against the attack.

…Mellisa fantasized that this post was a sign of being “intimidated” by her…or that she is “accomplishing something”…

…No, Mellisa…It was merely an attempt at containing any mess, you may have tried to cause me.

This was posted on July 27th, by Mellisa.

I didn’t go looking for this…A notice came up on my account, where someone was responding in a thread in which these new tweets were made.

The existence of this wonderful blog is such an affront to Mellisa’s destructive, manipulative, bully behavior…it seems she cannot let it go…Oh dear…She is going to lose face on this fight…Not to forget the egotistical blow…which seems bound to be heavy, in her case.

You should really contemplate and weigh just what it means…that the truth, integrity and goodness of humanity which this blog represents, is so offensive to Mellisa and the people who have elevated her to some status, in their community.

The reality of these kinds of fights…is that Mellisa merely represents one of the noise makers, abusive posers and obsessive hysterics, I’ve been talking about for years…The very likes of which, I’ve survived and surpassed many times over.

I thrive when threatened…It’s like a rejuvenation, for me…I will never lay down and surrender, to these sorts of people…Their demands and efforts will be irrelevant…That is an absolute guarantee. And that’s exactly the outlook all of us MAPs need.

More specific…this particular “fight”, is about a group of psychologically isolated, religious nuts living in their own bubble, grossly ignorant about some of the things discussed on this blog, who think “they” are the only people with any right to speech or expression. It boils down to identity politics [only fighting for “our team”, and against everybody else], and the gross intolerance of people who lack human empathy.

True facts are true facts…And as usual, the dogmatic, fanatical wowzers are endlessly offended, at the avalanche of true facts, which don’t line up with their poorly formed, religious worldview.

I don’t know what is more sad…watching an aloof woman, who is clearly incompetent and clueless that she is a train wreck looking for a place to happen…or that there is an entire community of people who look at this woman, and assess her to be their fitting “champion”…

The whole idea that nobody of sound mind has taken her under their wing, taken her aside and tried to infuse a bit of sane common sense into her…just tried to steer her into a productive direction, because they care about her as a human being…but instead, they’ve rewarded her, elevated her, and encouraged her because of this behavior…put her on display, in their online media circuit…where everybody can watch her, like she’s some kind of circus freak show…it’s just vulgar.

It is beyond sad…that the people she is directly threatening [including myself], are the only people being straight with her.

I’ve seen this happen with a number of cases like Mellisa…And you can mark my words…This is a person who is going down a path, that’s ultimately going to lead to their own destruction…psychologically and otherwise. People this filled with obsessive hate and intolerance, carry something with them that eats them alive, from within [especially when they cannot get what they are obsessed over]…And, yes…you can tell from Mellisa’s own media, that she’s got some unhealthy personal issues going on.

She’s trying to fight a losing war…As time goes on, and this reality finally dawns upon her…it’s just going to be all the worse stressful for her, if she does not make peace with this.

I decided to report a handful of her threatening tweets, with no real expectation that Twitter would do anything…but, it serves the dual purpose of seeing if Twitter takes this kind of harassment seriously…and it begins to make a documented trail, of her lingering [and now, extended term] targeting and harassment of me, over their social platform.

This does violate their terms of service, in a general sense…But I’m very familiar with being maltreated by double standards…so…I’d be shocked, if Twitter actually did anything about this.

My Report to Twitter:

“This person has been using her Twitter account, in attempts to coordinate a censorship campaign against my blog. This has been going on for a while, now.

I am a human rights advocate, who has been blogging for over eleven years.

In Mellisa’s fantasy world, she has decided I’m somehow involved in “pizzagate” or “pedogate” [both of which are smear campaigns, pushed by fringe, religious people, who hold a very loose grasp on reality]. I merely have a past, of attempting to be a voice of reasoned balance, in response to the hysterics surrounding “pizzagate” and “pedogate”.”


My blogging [In Self Defense, and other writings on Our Love Frontier, in particular] has been focused on the endeavor, of publicly reclaiming my own humanity as a pedophile…forging a genuine public representation…and advancing the public knowledge base on sexual minorities, such as pedophiles, hebephiles and ephebophiles.

In doing so…it has been my hope that other MAPs would begin doing the same, in their own ways…and as our numbers swelled, we could begin to remove this power to psychologically destroy MAPs, from the hands of our oppressors.

My goal all along, has been social stability and cohesion, through addressing the many problems inherent within social hysterics aimed at MAPs…and childhood sexuality.

At no point in time have I ever sought, or anticipated, a sexual encounter with anyone at all, of any age. That was never a goal of my various projects…and I’ve stated many times, I expect to remain celibate for the rest of my life…and also that I do not anticipate living to see a day, where these forms of human sexuality are decriminalized.

I also write [and speak] for posterity…as something should be created, to survive into future generations, representing any oppressed minority during the time of their oppression. We should never stand by idle, and allow the wrongs done to people be unrecognized, or undocumented. I do have higher optimism for future generations, than I do for our currently living generations…So, my writing is also for them, that they don’t repeat these same social mistakes…and they have something to look back at, for understanding on why what is presently happening in society is so wrong.

I likewise write, to personally engage a legal and social system, which has raked me over the coals in so many ways, as a MAP…hell…as just a human being, even…

I’ve been provoked and attacked all of my entire life, by this system…It is the most natural thing in the world, to break and cast off the chains put on me…and to rise up against this vulgar injustice…against this inhumanity placed above people like me…Once I was pushed past my own psychological breaking point…there was no going back…and my future was set.

…I will spend the rest of my life, fighting the misunderstanding and hatred for humans who are sexually different from “the norm”…I will defend the hapless underdogs, who through no fault of their own, have been swept up into a turbulent, cruel and extreme system…I will fight against all forms of holocaust…

…I will be the decent, just, honest, fair and kind human being, that today’s society is most in need of…and is most lacking.

Am I “grooming”?…

…I’m trying to help guide this world, away from rigid social models that do not work…and towards a culture of open understanding, where we can make a society that works for everyone.

Am I “grooming a culture”?…Maybe I am…I’m pulling it away from rabid insanity, and giving it a dose of honest common sense…I’m trying to help it overcome it’s own sickness.

Am I “grooming” in the sense Mellisa suggests?…

She suggests this “is not about free speech”…She imagines herself the right, to reframe an entire personal project of my own, I’ve been working on for over ten years…and in a broader sense, what has been my life’s work, focused on for the past twenty years…

This is an absolute free speech issue…Every citizen within, affected by and used to support any social system [and it’s various agencies], has the inalienable right to publicly assess and criticize said system.

…I’m a military war vet, who gave a substantial portion of my life to this society I live in…I became disabled for life, as a result of my service…This society continues to take money out of my pocket, to propagate a culture war against people like myself…It just keeps taking, and taking, and taking, and taking, and taking…It has taught me from personal experience, that the only thing it collectively knows, is how to endlessly take from and injure private citizens who have no recourses to fight back with…I’ve known most of my life, that this system propagates itself primarily on the suppression, exploitation and gross human rights abuse, of minorities who “cant fight back” [ie: they’re in a very hard position to fight back from]. This culture has always been plagued by the ranting of ideologues, and the culture [and class] wars they spawn…It’s high time this changed…and the masses finally realized, how this is hurting everyone of us, be they MAP or not.

I’ll be damned if I am going stand by in silence, while this culture continues to walk all over me, and others who are like me…be they adult, youth or child.

I fight for the truly disenfranchised scapegoats, in this world…because they are the ones who most deserve it…and virtually nobody else will.

No…I am not talking about people who are actively violent and abusive…nor for those serving a prison sentence, for having been such…

…I’m talking about non-violent, sexually different people, who have been born into an environment hostile towards them, through no fault of their own…who spend a lifetime struggling many severe hardships and suffering [sometimes committing suicide at any age, including during their childhood or youth], because this world does not know how to humanely engage with them.

It is an unquestioned right of my own, to speak out on these kinds of human rights issues, and human rights abuses.

It is also an unquestioned right, for me to write, record and publish my philosophies [or other sound information] on intergenerational love, on child love…or on anything related to these issues, and the people inclined to partake in them…right alongside a host of other social issues, I find important to discuss.

In order for Mellisa to be correct:

What it would take for her accusation of “grooming” to be true, and legally significant, is for there to be a specific individual minor [youth or child], or a specific group of them, to which I was conducting a long term dialogue with, for the explicit purpose of having sexual relations with them [or some amongst them].

Since this has openly never been on the table…it is impossible for me to have been “grooming” anyone at all, in a legally culpable manner.

My personally produced content, is for people who can think past the propaganda and social hysterics…It exists for the purpose of bettering the world.

What Mellisa is really trying to push here, is the same old witch hunt we know as “corrupting public morals”.

Little miss Hitler, and her following of speech Nazis, think they can dismiss the real world suffering of other human beings, and shut others down by claiming that “our mere speech is illegal”.

01) Podcast: On the Objective – Pedogate Update With Mellisa ‘Honeybee’ Zaccaria – 07.27.2017…

We get more insight into Mellisa, and her admission to simply harrassing MAP’s, as an intentional tactic.

One thing to take note of…is how she only shows up in the religious fringe, online media circuit…These are the people elevating and promoting her…It’s all a big word orgy, or circle jerk, of people who’ve already decided “everything about everything”, who are pushing a very distorted narrative.

Mellisa is given the floor…She says and implies anything she wants, without challenge…And she is both praised and congratulated for it, even when what she says is screaming to be disputed, or makes no sense. Whomever is “interviewing” her, just accepts and agrees with whatever she decides to throw out there…

…And some of the accolades people are suggesting she deserves…because she knows how to do Google searches [who doesn’t?], inventing unsubstantiated, nefarious narratives to go along with what she finds?…

…What do you even say to these people, who are too stupid to even stop at some point and say…”You know…You’re really not being fair to those people, Mellisa.”?

She glides through these “interviews” like a breeze…the people she targets, nowhere to be seen, except in cherry picked quotes…which she gets to frame, however she pleases…

These are not interviews!…They are cottage infomercials, made by the extreme fringe religious community.

If Mellisa actually had to deal with the integrity of a real interview, she comes off like she doesn’t have the intellectual capacity, to avoid a mental meltdown.

Is anyone aware of any instance where she’s done a true interview, not this staged garbage?

I’m sorry to have to say this…but given the gross dishonesty these religious media sources are notorious for…It’s all just propaganda, and nothing more…They literally are the embodiment of fake news.

They’re pushing an agenda…not reporting news…Often, this entails the dehumanization, of other human beings.


4 thoughts on “How Sad: Mellisa is Holding Onto Her Obsessive Vendetta Against Our Love Frontier…

  1. eqfoundation Post author

    I don’t hate religious programming, or media with a religious slant…I don’t consider it universally abysmal…

    …And I failed to mention that the media circuit I stumbled into, while getting a handle on what Mellisa is up to, is that of “The Truther Community”…

    This is an important distinction…as I believe religious people are generally quite intelligent…And it’s wrong not to differentiate them from “The Truthers”…Who are on their own, unique level of insane, stupid, idiotic.

    We don’t have asylums for the insane anymore…Ever wonder where the mentally ill hang out these days?…Go check out “The Truthers”…I’m pretty sure the most serious cases are there.

  2. eqfoundation Post author

    The verdict is in…”No violation of TOS”…And I anticipated this…It’s fine…

    I got the ball rolling, so…if Mellisa wants to ever get mouthy towards me again…the history is in place.

  3. The Honeybee

    Haha, great article Steve, It’s funny you get annoyed about me mentioning OLF and other pedo-limited hangouts, but I can’t help but notice how much you like to talk about me in your blog, good stuff, keep it coming, and thanks for tuning in CONSTANTLY, you might be my biggest fan! ♡Bee

    [I want everyone to notice, that while this is the second time Mellisa has left a comment on this blog, she has never once responded to the growing collection of observations about her…She just shows up with these short, trite comments, trying to look clever…and get under my skin?…Does she even read any of these posts? Might be considerate, to actually answer some of these observations…I’m betting she never will. – Steve]

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Haha, great article Steve,

      Thank you, so much…I’m glad you recognize greatness.

      It’s funny you get annoyed about me mentioning OLF and other pedo-limited hangouts,

      You think “this” is annoyed?…On the contrary…

      You’re quite the smorgasbord of train wreck…I’m just collecting and documenting, so that whenever people want to know who this crazy person making threats against Our Love Frontier is…I can just give them a URL, and they can decide for themselves the quality of your character, judgment…psychological state…

      Wee Ha!…See how that works?

      I know…I know…Some may say an entire sub-blog [sub-sub-blog of “The Wall”, actually] with a spinning head gif, is a lot of effort…In reality, it wasn’t that much effort…And, it’s just indicative of my particular sense of humor…

      You want to take a bite at my coattails…you’re going to get the whole Steve Diamond, sweetheart.

      While true, I am getting bored with this…if you drop anymore doozies, I just might be there to record it…

      I’m perfectly happy to let you condemn yourself, through your own words, actions and cognitive failures.

      but I can’t help but notice how much you like to talk about me in your blog, good stuff, keep it coming, and thanks for tuning in CONSTANTLY, you might be my biggest fan! ♡Bee

      Oh!…No, no!…Re-read the previous, and Thank You!

      You make this imminently easy…and smooth as can be, by just being you.

      I’ve never had an easier time, debunking the gibberish of hostile people…With you, it’s positively effortless.


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