Investigating YouTube Exclusive – Dr. Judith Reisman…


Date: July 30, 2017

01) Investigating YouTube Exclusive – Dr. Judith Reisman

“In our first Investigating YouTube Exclusive, we present a testimonial from esteemed researcher on pornography and an expert witness on sexualized content in media: Dr. Judith Reisman.

We and the Liberty Institute apologize for some of the minor audio issues and nuances that occurred during filming; hopefully this does not distract from Dr. Reisman’s profound opinion on the subject.

Please write to us at if you would like to contribute or provide a testimonial of your own – or use the form on our website at”

There is a network of YouTube channels, operated by someone [I believe a couple, with children] from Russia, or some place in that general hemisphere…Where copyright law enforcement is probably a lot different from here in the U.S….

…The people behind this network of YouTube channels produce horrendously awful videos…literal gross out, toilet humor level stuff…And they’ve devised a plan to play the system, in order to get views on their videos, and build up an audience…seemingly of children and juveniles…because who else would watch this drivel?

They tag their videos with words like “fun”, “silly”…stuff which is commonly tagged to videos aimed at children…And they infuse a “superhero” theme into their videos, which apparently makes them show up in searches, commonly done by children and juveniles…

Some examples of their seemingly endless glut of channels:

SuperHero Freak Family
BeepBeep TV ®
SuperHeroes KidsLine
SuperHero VS SuperHero
SuperHero FUN FUN

It’s hard to say how many of these channels exist…

Enter “Investigating YouTube”:

The guy behind Investigating YouTube caught onto these channels, and somehow decided that “it must be a grand pedophile conspiracy”…I guess, a desperate group of talentless hacks, trying to make money by flooding YouTube with awful content to attract kids, isn’t an exciting enough narrative…so, “pedophile grooming” it is!…He’s been pushing this idea ever since.

…How he came to this conclusion, is anybody’s guess…I guess we’re now considered at blame, for revolting comedy aimed at kids?

Along the ways, Mellisa jumped on board this train.

And now we have mean grandma Judy:

She just cant help but get her swipes in at decades dead, Alfred Kinsey…probably one of the most honest sex researchers ever to live.

Grandma Judy has weighed in, to decree “Investigating YouTube” some sort of “hero to the nation”…and to reaffirm the narrative, that “this is obviously the product of child hating pedophiles”…amongst other tasty tidbits of her peculiar “wisdom”.

She claims it’s pedophilic…

…Personally…as an actual, living, breathing, existing pedophile in the flesh…I don’t recognize any of their content I’ve seen, as being pedophilic…It has nothing to do with pedophilia, as I know it.

…Really awful, yes…Deranged, maybe…But “pedophilic”?…Seriously?…

…And they cannot figure out, why Disney hasn’t taken people in another country to court…They probably aren’t all that well aware of these YouTube channels…until now…Has anyone kept track, of the number of these channels being suspended or terminated?…Common sense says, it’s just a matter of time.

In addition…lots of people make “fan fiction” content…It would be a non-stop pursuit, for Disney to be suing people, or filing take down notices.

…And mean grandma Hitler…Oh, excuse me!…Judy!…she lives up to her life’s legacy, by calling for the people behind these channels to be arrested for “contributing to the delinquency of minors”…

…You just cannot make this stuff up!

There is no clear connection with pedophiles, or pedophilia here…

…We have a line of people, who have only asserted that it is so…Apparently, because they cannot imagine any other explanation for this kind of content…

…Even though, gross out, dumb humor is pretty popular amongst kids, as a natural phenomena…

…I guess the obvious is just too mundane for them.


3 thoughts on “Investigating YouTube Exclusive – Dr. Judith Reisman…

  1. eqfoundation Post author

    I see most of the channels I linked are now gone…

    …As predicted, by me…anyone makes a stink about these channels, and they will quickly fall.

    I’m guessing…the two links that still work, lead to channels that got an abrupt “clean up”…scrubbing away the videos in question. Not every single one of their channels was flooded, exclusively, with the gross out stuff…Some channels had tame content, also.

    Mellisa has patted herself on the back quite heartily, over this “victory”…

    …I guess…when you are that desperate…any kind of affect you can cause, is something to brag about.

    For the record…I still maintain, that those channel had nothing to do with pedophilia.

  2. Yure

    What I think is that, in some of those videos, there’s an element of sexuality, such as butt-slapping, pregnancy and mutual nudity (even though no privates show). I saw some. I think that the pedophile theme that they see is actually the exposure of children to themes that are deemed too mature for the audience of 4-6 years old. I think that the connection they see is desentization to that kind of content, the normalization. The connection to pedophilia is loose, as the subject is often confused with child sexuality promotion.
    But coming to think about it, slightly or even very sexualized themes come and go from mainstream kid cartoons by big names, they peaked in the nineties. I watched those as a kid and I don’t think it caused me any damage. And nowadays we have Bigmouth.
    Another point they pick on is that some of those videos make comedy out of violence and death. But Woody-Woodpecker too and I have not grown violent because of it. Not to mention Tom & Jerry.
    I think those channels have to be terminated for as long it’s spam. However, Youtube can’t check every content on it’s own. It relies on it’s community for anonymous reporting. So, when those people call Youtube “lazy” for not removing those videos, try to make them think on the amount of videos being submitted everyday. You can’t not watch, in 24 hours, what is submitted in those same 24 hours. That’s insane. So, the parents are supposed to be checking what their children are watching and help Youtube to report. What I think is that the parents are lazy in that regard. Then again, like you said, no adults are watching those things.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      This deserves some decent response…but I have to get out the door…

      Very quick…

      …As I recall childhood [back in the 1970’s, before the sex panic started, and when there was more laxness surrounding these issues], things like natural nudity and children pretend playing of giving birth, weren’t anything abnormal, in a certain context and setting.

      I think they are reading things into this, which seriously are not justified.

      As a young boy…I had girls who I played with…”play birth” is something I have at least one memory of…spontaneously, it happened in a private setting…

      Girls were always the most sexually aggressive also, in my experience.

      …Maybe my experience is just weird that way…I don’t know.


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