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Evergreen’s Decolonization of Data…

Date: August 01, 2017

01) Evergreen’s Decolonization of Data

“An examination of an Evergreen forum on Diversity, critiquing their coercion tactics and suspect use of data.”

I was thinking the exact same thing…This holds the hallmarks of a religious cult.

In addition, what’s being claimed about the data charts comes off like meaningless word salad…not like anything, from someone who is qualified to talk about them.

The bastardized definition of “racism”, is just manipulative and wrong. They can weasle anyone into it, or out of it, based on subjective bias.

Factual racism, is an individual mindset and prejudice.

What’s so troubling here, is that giving an honest assessment…I can only come to the conclusion, that they are not getting rid of the racist social structure…They’re very much keeping it…But they’re skewing it to advantage, and disadvantage, different racial groups.

No matter what you think about race inequality, or the intent behind these initiatives on display…If we as a society cannot get rid of the system, which always makes and keeps segments of the population “somebody else’s bitch”…then we are going to endlessly drudge through this cycle of class and race warfare, where people are always at each others throats…There’s always people being shat on, creating new generations of angry people who fight back against the system and those in power.

This, itself, is the oldest, largest problem of human culture.

Why there is no way back for religion in the West – David Voas…

Date: August 01, 2017

01) Why there is no way back for religion in the West – David Voas

“Religion is in decline across the Western world. Whether measured by belonging, believing, participation in services, or how important it is felt to be, religion is losing ground. Society is being transformed, and the momentum appears to be unstoppable.

You might be asking yourself two questions. Is it actually true? And even if religion is currently losing ground, could things change in the future?

David is a quantitative social scientist with a background in demography. He serves on the executive committee of the European Values Study and is co-director of British Religion in Numbers (www.brin.ac.uk), an online centre for British data on religion that has received recognition as a British Academy Research Project. He serves on the editorial boards of the British Journal of Sociology and the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion. With Mike Brewer, David directs the ESRC Research Centre on Micro-Social Change (MiSoC). He is also Deputy Director of ISER.”

Mellisa Zaccaria: Taking Inventory…


Date: August 01, 2017

Meet Mellisa Zaccaria, aka “The Honey Bee”…

Posts and content pertaining to a sociopath kleptomaniac, targeting Our Love Frontier…

When it comes to these sorts of people, who aren’t particularly sophisticated…yet, they think they can get away with lying about people, and trying to screw people over in a nasty way…my method is simple and straight forward…

…Document, document, document, document…and document some more…

People like this cannot help, but to create their own noose with which to hang themselves…I just have to be observant, and make note of it…They will do all the real “work”, by just showing up in public, and babbling on like the insane lunatics they are.

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Grief is Good – Joe Primo – TEDxAsburyPark…


Date: August 01, 2017

01) Grief is Good – Joe Primo – TEDxAsburyPark

“Joe speaks about grief as a process to embrace and how it creates a climate of hope and resilience.

He believes that by forming real, lasting communities that promote connection, trust, hospitality, support and dialogue, we move closer to joy and a much richer life.

Joe Primo is the CEO of Good Grief, the organization that assists hundreds of children and families each month following the death of a mother, father or sibling. He currently serves on the advisory board of Option B at the Sheryl Sandberg and Dave Goldman Family Foundation. Primo formerly worked as a hospice Chaplain at both The Connecticut Hospice and The Hospice of Southeastern Connecticut. He received his Masters of Divinity from Yale University, where he concentrated on end-of-life care.”