Evergreen’s Decolonization of Data…

Date: August 01, 2017

01) Evergreen’s Decolonization of Data

“An examination of an Evergreen forum on Diversity, critiquing their coercion tactics and suspect use of data.”

I was thinking the exact same thing…This holds the hallmarks of a religious cult.

In addition, what’s being claimed about the data charts comes off like meaningless word salad…not like anything, from someone who is qualified to talk about them.

The bastardized definition of “racism”, is just manipulative and wrong. They can weasle anyone into it, or out of it, based on subjective bias.

Factual racism, is an individual mindset and prejudice.

What’s so troubling here, is that giving an honest assessment…I can only come to the conclusion, that they are not getting rid of the racist social structure…They’re very much keeping it…But they’re skewing it to advantage, and disadvantage, different racial groups.

No matter what you think about race inequality, or the intent behind these initiatives on display…If we as a society cannot get rid of the system, which always makes and keeps segments of the population “somebody else’s bitch”…then we are going to endlessly drudge through this cycle of class and race warfare, where people are always at each others throats…There’s always people being shat on, creating new generations of angry people who fight back against the system and those in power.

This, itself, is the oldest, largest problem of human culture.

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