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Does Pedophilia Play an Evolutionary Role? (Narrated)…


Date: August 10, 2017

This selection from “In Self Defense: The Life and Times of An Atheist BoyLover…Memoirs and Ethos”, has been narrated by Rocco White. Please enjoy the listen, or read along if you like…or need to.

Probably one of the more intriguing things about the human species…is that, regardless of our level of mental sophistication, we are not born with an innate understanding, on how to have sex.

Most life forms which sexually mate, are capable of engaging in this activity, no matter how primitive their brain…or low their IQ…

Of course…there are some obvious things about the human anatomy, which humans will work out for themselves, if given the chance to explore them…After all…what would most people conclude, when having the vagina [a body orifice] and an erect penis?…They obviously fit together…and they are in the same region of the body…They both feel amazing, when stimulated.

With social norms, roles and clothing…the human being has removed itself, from that direct level of exposure, which defines the lives of all other known animals.

Many individual humans have not known about sex until somewhat late in their life…because they grew up in an environment, where sex was scrubbed from all outward, social consciousness…Whereas previous generations might have regularly seen their parents mating…these people had no concept of sex, because that is how their environment was structured for them…They were brought up to be unaware.

Is this a natural phenomena, or a cultural one?…Honestly, I don’t know…Maybe it is both…But I do know, it serves as an impediment to what we are biologically “programmed” to do.

The fundamental thing every species has in common…is that it exists to reproduce, and keep expanding in volume. Of course, species go extinct…but, ideally for their DNA, it keeps reproducing…Whether or not this always proves useful in every circumstance, is another issue…Yes, balance is important to survival…But the fact remains…The primary function of life, is to reproduce…thus, helping to ensure it’s broader survival…It doesn’t, necessarily, care about the individual…Which is why we must take care, and be mindful, in the way we individually deal with our sexuality.

What happens when individual humans have been severed from this?…

…The drive is still there…but the knowledge and wisdom are not…

There are a few ways to look at pedophilia, as an evolutionary aid…

…One is the obvious, of sexual education…and the passing down of sexual ethics…through physical intimacy, with a child…learning through exposure and practice.

…Another is the “kick starting” of sexuality, when the individual may otherwise remain ignorant of sexual activity.

…A third possibility, concerns itself more with the broader species, and the fact that young females do not easily survive pregnancy…whereas males sexually mature, at a comparatively quick rate. These boys can be paired with older females [arguably, another form of “pedophilia”], or they could be paired with someone else, who enjoys helping them manage their natural sex drive…until same aged females become more fitting sexual companions.

…And, of course, there is a fourth possibility…which says that pedophilia provides natural motivation, in the care for orphaned children…It could be the determining factor in a child’s survival, where nobody else wants [or is able] to care for that child.

Did pedophilia develop because of these things?…Did it develop in order to counterbalance, sexual ignorance?…Is pedophilia a social safety net, provided by the natural world?

…I know a lot of people are going to roll their eyes, and imagine I’m being “too lofty” in my estimations on pedophilia…

…But, in doing these things, the pedophile is not advancing his own DNA…To that extent, it’s a completely selfless pursuit…And it makes no sense, that DNA which behaves a certain way in other people, makes us behave in a fundamentally different way…Unless our DNA is directing us to play a different role, in the survival of our species.

I believe that pedophilia is, in fact, a direct product of biological human evolution…

…It serves practical and vital functions…It’s neither moral, nor immoral, in it’s mere state of existence…But many people have been brought to believe, that it is obsolete [and worse still…somehow “predatory”] in the modern world.

Pedophilia has served a productive role, in the historical survival of the human species…And it still lingers on, despite extreme persecution…Which strongly indicates, that there remains a current human need for it.

That this “hidden” strength within our species has become seen as “predatory”, can only be attributed to gross ignorance of its historical utility…and to the fallout of cultures, who have forgotten how to incorporate pedophiles in their daily lives.


Ask An Atheist: Blasphemy is a Victimless Crime…


Date: August 10, 2017

01) Ask An Atheist: Blasphemy is a Victimless Crime

“Co-Presidents Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor discuss the historic secular conference they attended in London in late July.”

“Blasphemy”, especially when backed by law…represents the utter worst of passive aggressive behavior…It claims “victimhood”, by merely being exposed to concepts different from one’s own way of thought.

How do they “justify” this “victimhood”?…By claiming some form of personal, psychological “trauma”.

Of course…there have always been deep problems with this…not the least of which, is that it is fundamentally a form of social censorship…It’s an aggressive form of social assault, aimed at some other demographics ability to communicate.

How do you make something “unspeakable”, when that thing is fundamental to the humanity of another person, or group of people?

The hypocrisy in “blasphemy” law and concept, is that you are immeasurably hurting people by silencing and oppressing their human rights, in the name of “protecting” other people…when that “protection” is suspect and specious, at best.

It is also classism at work…causing problems within the population, even where no natural problem exists.

Many people scoff, and think it distasteful, when I identify instances where they are doing this exact thing to MAPs…They imagine it’s a foregone conclusion, that MAPs [as well as sexual teens and children] “must” be relegated to this social fate, in order to “save everybody else, from their perversity”…a concept so loaded, likely an entire volume of books could be written in the pursuit of unpacking everything wrong with it.

“Blasphemy” is an impediment, to social harmony…It’s bigoted violation, under the guise of “order and peace”…And that is all it has ever been.

We “perverts” are every bit as much a valid portion of the population, as the aggressors who attack us are…And further, our alleged “perversions” aren’t so divergent from the human norm, as they would have you believe…

…This is why so many of the most vicious enemies of MAPs, secretly harbor many of the same sexual interests as MAPs…They are, themselves, self hating MAPs…And it’s never a shock, when they get exposed.

They are people who lack the ability, to come to terms with themselves…So they take this life frustration out on other MAPs…most especially those of us, who have come to terms with being a MAP…They believe we “have no right” to this inner peace, and sense of rightful belonging.

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Richard Dawkins and Dave Rubin: Live at the 92nd Street Y…

Date: August 10, 2017

01) Richard Dawkins and Dave Rubin: Live at the 92nd Street Y

“In an era of fake news, “truthiness” and outright lies, Richard Dawkins has an urgent message for the world: we need reason and science now more than ever before.

Richard Dawkins’ new book, “Science in the Soul: Selected Writings of a Passionate Rationalist” – http://amzn.to/2hHlgwy

“I Got Indian in My Family”: An Another Round Takeover…

Date: August 10, 2017

01) Direct Download [MP3]

“Growing up in Louisville, Kentucky, Tracy Clayton always heard that her ancestors were, in her mother’s words, “black, white and American Indian.” Like many black Americans, her immediate family didn’t have exact information on their roots — that heritage is difficult to trace through ancestors forced into the American slave trade. What little information Tracy’s family might have had was lost in a courthouse fire. Tracy says she didn’t think about her ancestry very often until she moved to New York City, where she’s the co-host, with Heben Nigatu, of the BuzzFeed podcast Another Round. New Yorkers, Tracy noticed, take pride in their ethnic identity. A number of her friends hang flags in their window, or march in pride parades based on their country of origin. “Which parade do I go to? What flag do I put in my window?” she wondered. She enlisted Only Human to help her figure it out. With the help of DNA ancestry tests and experts on DNA and race, Tracy explores her own ethnic background. She accidentally upends her family lore — it turns out her she has very little Native American ancestry — and she also discovers why the mix of “black, white and American Indian” is such a common heritage myth among black Americans. In the end, Tracy finds her flag, and discovers that her ethnic identity is more complex than she originally thought. The data revealed by DNA ancestry tests complicates the way she thinks about herself and her family’s history, but she also realizes that these tests don’t hold all the secrets to understanding ourselves and our heritage. The stories passed down over generations can be just as integral to the way we think about ourselves in the modern world.”