Ask An Atheist: Blasphemy is a Victimless Crime…


Date: August 10, 2017

01) Ask An Atheist: Blasphemy is a Victimless Crime

“Co-Presidents Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor discuss the historic secular conference they attended in London in late July.”

“Blasphemy”, especially when backed by law…represents the utter worst of passive aggressive behavior…It claims “victimhood”, by merely being exposed to concepts different from one’s own way of thought.

How do they “justify” this “victimhood”?…By claiming some form of personal, psychological “trauma”.

Of course…there have always been deep problems with this…not the least of which, is that it is fundamentally a form of social censorship…It’s an aggressive form of social assault, aimed at some other demographics ability to communicate.

How do you make something “unspeakable”, when that thing is fundamental to the humanity of another person, or group of people?

The hypocrisy in “blasphemy” law and concept, is that you are immeasurably hurting people by silencing and oppressing their human rights, in the name of “protecting” other people…when that “protection” is suspect and specious, at best.

It is also classism at work…causing problems within the population, even where no natural problem exists.

Many people scoff, and think it distasteful, when I identify instances where they are doing this exact thing to MAPs…They imagine it’s a foregone conclusion, that MAPs [as well as sexual teens and children] “must” be relegated to this social fate, in order to “save everybody else, from their perversity”…a concept so loaded, likely an entire volume of books could be written in the pursuit of unpacking everything wrong with it.

“Blasphemy” is an impediment, to social harmony…It’s bigoted violation, under the guise of “order and peace”…And that is all it has ever been.

We “perverts” are every bit as much a valid portion of the population, as the aggressors who attack us are…And further, our alleged “perversions” aren’t so divergent from the human norm, as they would have you believe…

…This is why so many of the most vicious enemies of MAPs, secretly harbor many of the same sexual interests as MAPs…They are, themselves, self hating MAPs…And it’s never a shock, when they get exposed.

They are people who lack the ability, to come to terms with themselves…So they take this life frustration out on other MAPs…most especially those of us, who have come to terms with being a MAP…They believe we “have no right” to this inner peace, and sense of rightful belonging.

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