The McMartin Preschool…


Date: August 14, 2017

01) The McMartin Preschool

This is a few years old [October 2015].

“Richard Beck is author of “WE BELIEVE THE CHILDREN: Moral Panic In The 1980s” published by Public Affairs. WE BELIEVE THE CHILDREN IS A brilliant, disturbing portrait of the dawn of the culture wars, when America started to tear itself apart with doubts, wild allegations, and an unfounded fear for the safety of children.”

Very late in [the last ten minutes], there is verbal confirmation of the open, legal availability of child pornography [or child erotica, if you prefer], even in Time Square.

Like most media of this type…what is presented here is a mixed bag…It centers around the McMartin Preschool case, but also touches on the Friedmans…of “Capturing the Friedmans”.

The host has some serious misconceptions…but, I think the guest does a pretty reasonable job, of steering him back around to something more truthful…Given the people, audience and setting…you really cannot expect much better.

For what it is…I’m giving this a thumbs up, for being important listening…Even though I was gritting my teeth, at a point or two.


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