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The Hidden Dark Web – Documentary 2016…

Date: August 17, 2017

01) The Hidden Dark Web – Documentary 2016

Thing about The Onion Router [TOR]…or more precisely, the people who demonize TOR…

…is that nobody talks about the untold numbers of people who resort to TOR, literally because the political pressures and suppression on their groups are so bad…They’re just seeking open information, and open dialogue…The likes of which they’ve been denied in the mainstream venues.

People like talking about “all the horrors” found on “the dark web”…and pointing their finger at tools like TOR, as though they [and the people who use them] are to blame for what is there…

…TOR was never built, shared or marketed, to facilitate murder, rape or any of the illegal activity people seem to be associating it with…

…Those groups almost certainly existed, well before TOR rose to popularity.

Generally speaking…anyone can access “deep/dark web” websites…You just need an IP address [or URL] where it’s located…A lot of website owners don’t publish this information, out in the open…and they prohibit search engines from indexing their website…Or, sometimes, just based on the way search engines “crawl” the internet, many websites don’t get indexed, because nobody already indexed in the system, has linked to those websites.

…”The dark web” isn’t anywhere near as sinister and dark, as many people make it out to be…It’s just “dark”, in the sense that it’s not obviously there.

People like to focus on illegal porn, hard drug markets and murder for hire…But they rarely ask the question…”what percentage of the dark web, is made up by this type of content?”…

…There is no easy answer to this question…but there is tons of stuff out there in “the dark web”, which is mundane and totally legal…not controversial, at all.

For a lot of us…myself included…we use TOR, to get around malicious censorship others attempt to impose upon our speech…TOR is popular with groups, who are oppressed by “their” government…or even by the culture they live in.

What North Koreans Think of America [Full] – ASIAN BOSS…

Date: August 17, 2017

01) What North Koreans Think of America [Full] | ASIAN BOSS

“In this extended cut, North Koreans share their honest thoughts on America and Americans.

Pil-Ju (striped shirt) is working for an non-profit organization that helps bring North Koreans stuck in China to South Korea and provide them with resources to assimilate into South Korean society.”

The Dangerous Few…

Date: August 17, 2017

01) The Dangerous Few (Psychology Documentary) – Real Stories

“Could the most effective method of crime prevention be a brain scan? This suggestion, the result of recent ground-breaking research, is investigated in the two films that comprise A Mind To Crime. The Dangerous Few examines the surprising claim from the USA that it is possible to identify children as young as four year’s old as potential criminals. Often prone to violence and stealing, children who suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) have been found to have brain abnormalities consistent with those who turn to crime. Controversial treatments being developed are also revealed. Violent Minds, the second film, examines the brain abnormalities that affect different types of criminal, as well as investigating the links with drugs and the possibilities of brain damage inflicted before birth.”

The science is fascinating, but the implications have quite disturbing potential.

“Pills to make people conform?”…

…To what extent are you stopping a person from being who they are, in order to satisfy a cultural ideology?

…Is this a further assault on individuality, in pursuit of homogenous culture?