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PC Corporate Culture Is a Plague That Government Helps Spread…

Date: August 26, 2017

01) PC Corporate Culture Is a Plague That Government Helps Spread

“Too often companies like Google trample free expression out of fear of legal and civil backlash.

Most people think that the 1st Amendment guarantees free speech. But the philosopher John Stuart Mill argued that free speech requires more than just the absence of legal strictures. The “tyranny of opinion” of the majority has the same effect as censorship enforced by law. When everyone lives “under the eye of a hostile and dreaded censorship” by their fellow citizens, there will be no free inquiry. If Congress “make[s] no law … abridging the freedom of speech,” yet challenging popular opinion gets you fired from your job and made into a pariah, the legal freedom is largely symbolic. Some people may speak their mind and suffer the consequences, but there won’t be free speech.

Mill extolled freedom of speech as a necessary condition for discovering the truth, and he took it for granted that truth is a valuable thing to have. But what about people who don’t want to discover the truth? For them, free speech is the enemy. And since legal protections for free speech are so strong in America, they must resort to extralegal means of silencing those who challenge the lies that they want to protect.”

First Detection of Life – Space Time…

Date: August 26, 2017

01) First Detection of Life – Space Time

“What does life look like from space?

In 1990, an experiment conceived by Carl Sagan was performed using using the Galileo spacecraft. The purpose? To detect life on a planet based on measurements by a space probe. The experiment was successful, and abundant life was unequivocally confirmed. That planet? The Earth. Now, a quarter century later, we’re on the verge of conducting that same experiment on a world orbiting another star.”

Promising to Take Down the Government?…


Date: August 26, 2017

01) The HoneyBee and The Liberty Columnist LIVE!!! Talking about their documentary in the making :HTNWO

Mellisa really puts emphasis on those “we do”s…doesn’t she?

My goodness…Mellisa’s dissent into terrorism, is really expanding…An enemy of the U.S. government, with intent to bring it down as well?

It’s always telling, what company people like Mellisa keep.

How ironic, that Mellisa bemoans the way government encroaches on every area of your life [a sentiment I agree with, by the way]…But, she thinks nothing of attempting to encroach on other people’s lives, with extreme prejudice.

If one believes in freedom…then they believe in freedom, and live accordingly…

…People like Mellisa, are no better than the tyrannical government they claim to detest.

They’re happy enough for the system of tyranny to exist…They just want to be the ones in control of it.

…That’s the only thing people like this have, which they are trying to sell.

Truth be told…the U.S. would be an even worse hell hole, if people like this ever managed to seize power.