Alt-left Tabloid Salon Declares Hope for a Civil War, Tells People to “Choose a Side”…

Date: August 29, 2017

01) Alt-left Tabloid Salon Declares Hope for a Civil War, Tells People to “Choose a Side”

Salon did not “allow a child sex predator to publish on their website”…and to my knowledge, has never done so.

Styxhexenhammer666…if you have information substantiating Todd Nickerson engaging in sexual predation [on child or adult], by all means…please present your evidence…

…Until that time, kindly refrain from referring to a MAP as “a sex predator”, over the mere fact that they are a MAP.

These two status are absolutely not the same thing.

A bit of deeper looking will illuminate the fact, that the two articles of Todd Nickerson were fundamentally about confronting pedophile stigma, in order to create accountable support structures for “pedophiles”…

Those two articles actually cater to mainstream notions on “proper sexual divisions” in society…especially as relates to children and adults.

They were agreeing with keeping children and adults separate, where sexual contact is at question.

Salon caved in, and pulled both articles…

…Which only clarifies that, in addition to all their other shortcomings…Salon is also made up of moral cowards, who can’t be bothered to take a sustained, hard stand on complex, stigmatized social issues.

There was once a time, when I thought Salon was a pretty decent publication…

…Those days are in the past.

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