The Curious Case of Jemma Beale…

Date: August 29, 2017

01) The Curious Case of Jemma Beale

“Deconstructing a bizarre article about convicted felon and false accuser Jemma Beale and dispelling a few rape myth myths.”

2 thoughts on “The Curious Case of Jemma Beale…

  1. feinmann0


    “Sadly, the inconvenient truth is that until the police and Crown Prosecution Service recognise that false allegations are not just ‘rare events’ but are real and dangerous problems in the justice system, the lives and liberties of innocent people like Mr Cassim and Mr Shahzad will continue to be sacrificed in pursuit of the guilty. That is not justice: it is institutionalised injustice.”

    … and Paul comments:

    “False allegations are staggeringly common. What is rare is that the Police prosecute anyone who makes them. This is, IMO, largely because the Police ‘encourage’ people to fabricate evidence to support their case; in the long ongoing trawling investigations it is normal practice to feed names, dates, details. The ‘false allegations are rare’ comes from the number of successful prosecutions (close to nil, however blatant the lies). I wonder if feminists would accept that rape was rare if the Police refused to prosecute anyone charged with it ?”


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