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Televangelists Keep Exposing Their Own Hypocrisy…

Date: September 04, 2017

01) Televangelists Keep Exposing Their Own Hypocrisy

“It’s been a difficult week for televangelists in this country like Joel Olsteen, Pat Robertson, and Jim Bakker because they keep showing how averse they really are to Christ’s message, thus inadvertently revealing their own hypocrisy. In this segment we’ll talk about these fraudulent, self-interested preachers and discuss their true intentions: exploit religion to profit off of their followers.

Megachurch Pastor Shamed Into Following His Religion’s Message: http://gritpost.com/houston-megachurch-flood/

Former 700 Club Producer Admits Robertson is a Fraud: https://www.vox.com/identities/2017/8/26/16202436/700-club-terry-heaton-pat-robertson-trump

Televangelist Claims Christians Will Start a Civil War if Trump is Impeached: http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/348418-televangelist-jim-bakker-christians-will-start-new-civil-war-if

Atheist Debates – Get ’em while they’re young…


Date: September 04, 2017

01) Atheist Debates – Get ’em while they’re young

“This talk, given at American Atheists convention 2017 addresses some of the ways that the Bible has been ‘softened’ in order to appeal to children, as well as how this affects their perception of these stories in later life…and how we can do better.”

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Why defend freedom of icky speech?…

Date: September 04, 2017

01) Why defend freedom of icky speech?

“Because if you don’t stand up for the stuff you don’t like, when they come for the stuff you do like, you’ve already lost.

The CBLDF will defend your First Amendment right as an adult to make lines on paper, to draw, to write, to sell, to publish, and now, to own comics. And that’s what makes the kind of work you don’t like, or don’t read, or work that you do not feel has artistic worth or redeeming features worth defending. It’s because the same laws cover the stuff you like and the stuff you find icky, wherever your icky line happens to be: the law is a big blunt instrument that makes no fine distinctions, and because you only realise how wonderful absolute freedom of speech is the day you lose it.

(And let it be understood that I think that child pornography, and the exploitation of actual children for porn or for sex is utterly wrong and bad, because actual children are being directly harmed. And also that I think that prosecuting as “child pornographers” a 16 and 17 year old who were legally able to have sex, because they took a sexual photograph of themselves and emailed it to themselves is utterly, insanely wrong, and a nice example of the law as blunt instrument.)”

Disagreements about “harm” from free participation in porn aside…this is a worthwhile read.