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The Humanist Report – Episode 109…

Date: September 06, 2017

01) Medicare for All, DNC Fraud Lawsuit, Harvey, & DACA – Episode 109

“In this episode, we’ll first dive into the ruling for the #DNCFraudLawsuit and discuss Judge Zloch’s decision to ultimately dismiss the case. We’ll also talk about Bernie Sanders’ ‘Medicare for All’ bill and an unlikely ally that decided to support it (spoiler: Kamala Harris). Additionally, with the devastation occurring in Houston, Texas due to Hurricane Harvey, we talk about the need for a serious discussion surrounding climate change. Additionally, we’ll discuss the importance of DACA, and why Donald Trump should absolutley not rescind it. All of these topics and more are discussed in this episode. Enjoy!”

Crazy Clinton Attacks Bernie Sanders and His Fans in her Failure of a New Book…

Date: September 06, 2017

01) Crazy Clinton Attacks Bernie Sanders and His Fans in her Failure of a New Book

“What an outdated shrill has-been: http://archive.is/Jj3LT

I hope Clinton does not run again…But, I would not be so certain, that she’ll fail to at least attempt getting a campaign off the ground in 2020.

If nothing else…she’ll likely be out there campaigning for a hand picked Clinton puppet.

She won’t go peacefully into retirement…and we cannot seem to get rid of her.

I was elated when she got defeated…despite that this meant a win for Trump.

At this point, I’d rather see almost any person serving as U.S. President…than to continue watching the slow bleeding death policies continue, which people like Clinton represent.

That’s the real reason why Trump got elected…People are sick of watching the decades old decline of this country, as elected politicians do nothing to change course.

We’ve literally gotten to a point…where we don’t even know…if we allow another one of these “politics as usual” bozos into the office, will the country even avoid collapse before we can get rid of them?

That’s what happened to Clinton…Millions of people put their foot down, and said “No!”…

Hillary Clinton now blaming election loss on Bernie Sanders?:

Waking Up with Sam Harris #95 — What You Need to Know About Climate Change with Joseph Romm…

Date: September 06, 2017

01) Waking Up with Sam Harris #95 — What You Need to Know About Climate Change with Joseph Romm

“In this episode of the Waking Up podcast, Sam Harris speaks with Joseph Romm about how the climate is changing and how we know that human behavior is the primary cause. They discuss why small changes in temperature matter so much, the threats of sea-level rise and desertification, the best and worst case scenarios, the Paris Climate Agreement, the politics surrounding climate science, and many other topics.”

‘Cop in a Box’…


Date: September 06, 2017

01) ‘Cop in a Box’ helping Tazewell Co. Sheriff Dept. catch internet predators

“The Tazewell County Sheriff’s Office announced in a press conference Thursday morning that the department has acquired new software to help its detectives catch internet predators.

“Cop in a Box” allows the Internet Crimes Against Children task force to scan the web for inappropriate and illegal images. Detectives are also able and create undercover chatroom profiles to catch suspicious activity through the system.

This is the second version of the software that the task force first acquired five years ago. The software led detectives to nearly 50 arrests before being worn out and needing replaced. Detective Scott Stiltner said he was able to scan 17,000 gigabytes of information in a year’s time using Cop in a Box.”

“Child Porn” is not everything that pedosexuality is about…But, it is one thing that is out there. Many people partake in what is available.

It would be wise to understand, that you cannot safely create, publish, keep or trade “Child Porn”…Not in this day and age.

Keep yourself informed…Keep yourself safe.

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