Since the age of six, I’ve preferred older men…


Date: September 08, 2017

Thank you to Mikey, for submitting this.

Since the age of six, I’ve preferred older men

and always had sexual urges for them. Guess I

knew way back then what would work best for me.

Would look up to them and picture big bodies and hair

on their chests – with that smell I loved best – that sent

me adrift as if I surfed along skies on some awesome

and wild magic carpet you ride.

Spent much of my time making up dreams

like how I’d cuddle with this guy as he showed

me love in his own special way. He’d know I didn’t

need a daddy, as I’d always be happy to put my

two small hands on his huge, manly body.

I stared a lot harder than most at these guys and

hoped one would open his eyes and finally see mine.

When I had turned six I started to trick with my best

friend next door. He was my age too, said that he knew

about secrets that were hiding inside his mother’s room.

He showed me her stunning Playgirl collection,

which enlarged my small world with a pint-sized

erection that just made me wonder what else it

could do. We quickly proceeded to strip bare ass

naked so we could get down and practice positions

each couple was taking in those glossy pages.

Some boys liked to play when they stayed overnight.

When I was eight one friend my age knew more than

most as he played with my butt and then got the urge

to stick in his dick. Never happened before, though

something just clicked and it made me want more.

Remember that year when I went to a restroom to pee and

this grown man walked right up beside me. I was so shy

back then as I hugged the john tight – but when he unzipped

I was totally gripped and it became love at first sight.

I simply could not turn away from his cock when it dropped

from his fly like some super-sized wood. Just stared at that

dick, which was so long and thick and he also stood back from

the john a good six inches, as if asking: “how do you like that?”.

I adored his cool pubic hair as it wrapped his huge pack

and that big cock head that said, “come here and kiss me.”

But when he was gone I felt sad and have since longed for

some guy to eventually like me.

Needless to say, I made some boy friends who liked to come

up to play now and then, but I knew only grown men made me

feel really happy. I went to great lengths ‘attempting’ to find

some type of sex with a much older guy.

Around that time, my step-father mentioned gay guys

were living not too far from our place. But he warned me

to keep my ass far from those men or I would surely be

molested by them. But instead of filling me full of his fear,

what he said had instilled all new thrills that soon pierced me

with urges that surged my strong-willed, yet still quite small body.

Would think of those gay men dad warned me about and I’d

picture thoughts of me there at their house as we all got naked

to play with our cocks. Got so worked up once, I just grabbed

my bike and strolled down the road to see what they were like,

then rode in circles in hopes they would somehow take notice.

Boredom eventually drew me away and I later made up fantasies

about how cool it was to be with these guys, despite those cruel

things folks say about how all deviants rage like savages and

constantly rape small children.

By the age of thirteen, it was finally my first ‘real’ time

being with a man sexually – he was at least in his thirties.

Now realize those things that happened back then

would fuel a desire I’d pursue to the end.

However, I’ve wondered how

things might have been if they were made a bit simpler then.

If folks stopped controlling the minds of these kids

then maybe they’d grow up and actually live.

I wasted too much time drowning in oceans

stocked with their notions so cold, dark and


which sucked out the life from a boy nearly dead,

who needed to learn how to think with his head

and find ways to swim and kick with both feet –

so maybe again he can finally breathe, or rise up

and fight for the right to think how he wants with

freedom to do what he likes.



3 thoughts on “Since the age of six, I’ve preferred older men…

  1. eqfoundation Post author

    My apologies to Mikey, if the line breaks are not correct.

    Mikey made mention of sometimes writing poetry…And as most of us know, any break in a sentence can be very calculated and intentional, where it comes to poetic writing…So, I wanted to maintain that structural integrity.

    Machines being what they are…they sometimes dump extra breaks and spaces into your text, that were never intentional…which made me a bit uncertain, if I was editing this correctly.

    – Steve

    1. feinmann0

      From Edward Brongersma’s Loving Boys:

      “… for many, many boys, intimate relations with a man fill a deeply felt need during puberty and adolescence. Everyone who has done research in this field has met ‘some adolescents calmly asserting that they themselves made the first move, brought about the first contact, because they had already been dreaming of this for months, because they felt an imperative need for it, and found a mental and physical relief in it which permitted them to work better at school’.”

      1. eqfoundation Post author

        It’s interesting what happens, when people are just left alone to be people amongst themselves.

        People claim “kids don’t do this”…but the facts don’t agree.

        It’s not that kids don’t do it…it’s that kids don’t talk about it, openly.

        …This is likely because of the wrath, of people who insist that “kids don’t do it”.

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