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Those Godless Millennials (TTA Podcast 345)…

Date: September 13, 2017

01) Those Godless Millennials (TTA Podcast 345)

“The Millennial Generation is increasingly unaffiliated with religion. It’s also a generation often described as entitled, coddled, disinterested, and lazy. We explore the label and the people beyond it.

Time Magazine – “The Me Me Me Generation”: http://time.com/247/millennials-the-me-me-me-generation

USA Today – “The Malignant Myth of the Millennial”: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2017/05/11/millennial-myth/100982920

I never really saw “millennial” as being an insult, in itself. I know it carries baggage of it’s own…but, if you think “generation x” didn’t have baggage…I’ve got news for you…It certainly did…just a different style of baggage.

I think…my own interpretation on “problems with millennials”, has more to do with problems cropping up from “internet culture”, than anything else.

People flock together…they identify “the other”…and they can become vicious, rabid mobs…and their own bias and bigotry, is efficiently enabled on a level, that has never before existed to humans.

Having “facts” at your fingertips doesn’t make you wise, or experienced…It does not grow you, as an individual.

…Having 90% of your personal human interaction over your cell phone, is very socially stunting…And people lose that valuable face to face experience…where they can understand the ramifications of their treatment of others.

…That’s one of the things I’ve definitely found foul and vulgar, in the millennial generation…It’s like their sense of self entitlement to dehumanize people, has been amplified off the charts.

It’s like so many of them don’t know how to behave, towards someone with a life experience and worldview, radically different from their own.

As it is…most of my personal interaction with millennials the past few years, has been occurring as I sometimes intermingle with younger MAPs…It’s leaned way more towards the positive, than the negative…I love what I’ve seen a few of them doing.

One aside, however…

Being a free thinking individualist…I don’t like seeing the pack mentality…There’s way too much thinking like “the Borg” going on, in this world…I’ve experienced enough of that sort of thing, to fill twenty lifetimes…So, I’m very cold on the trend of everyone trumpeting their “anti contact” mantra…

…especially when there is absolutely nothing unethical, about being pro contact.

I am pro contact…and I would put my level of ethics and behavior up against any anti contact person [MAP or otherwise], anytime, anywhere…I’d put my ethics and behavior up against the entire lot of them…And I have no fear over walking away from such an encounter, with my own integrity and dignity intact.

Forgive the awkward aside…I didn’t want to turn this into a comment on other MAPs…I just really dislike group think, echo chambers, and social structures where everybody has to tow the line…

…And the “anti contact” branch, is internalizing and promoting a grossly false paradigm within it.

“James Cantor Openly Advocates Eugenics”?…

Date: September 13, 2017

01) James Cantor Openly Advocates Eugenics

02) The young paedophiles who say they don’t abuse children

“It was long thought that paedophiles had typically been abused or had a traumatic event in their own childhoods.

But Canadian clinical psychologist James Cantor argues that paedophilia is down to “cross-wiring” in the brain.

He looked at MRI scans of paedophiles and found that they had less white matter, which links parts of the brain together.

Cantor thinks the key is how the brain is formed in the early stages of pregnancy.

“The dream is to prevent it before the paedophile is even born.”

kabouter has it absolutely correct.

…Being a BoyLover, is a gift of the highest, most beautiful kind.

…To eliminate the gift of love…

…Now, that is something only a true monster would do.

Keep your cheap trickeries, James…I’m not buying any of them.

…The BoyLover’s brain is the best brain, in my book.

…And the “cross wiring” isn’t a deficit…it’s an enhancement.

Get it straight.

Understanding and preventing adolescent pedophilia…

Date: September 13, 2017

01) Understanding and preventing adolescent pedophilia

“Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Professor Elizabeth Letourneau has devoted her life’s work to changing how people view child sexual abuse. In her 2016 TEDMED Talk, Elizabeth explains how initiatives that target juvenile sex offenders can play an important role in preventing future offenses.”

She sounds like an opportunistic hack, to me.

This is just more of the same old “you’re dangerous” paradigm.

“Child sexual abuse” and adolescent pedophilia, are not the same thing.

…And the title of that video, is absolutely horrifying…


Leave the pedophiles alone!

We don’t need your imposed holocaust.

We need a support structure…But we don’t need, what people like this woman has to offer.

To the extent that it intersects with pedophiles…true child sexual abuse can be addressed and combated, within the pedophile subculture, itself.

Most of it likely comes from a lack of guidance, in the first place.

The fact that it is so dangerous for “pedophiles” to find each other, associate, interact and build meaningful bonds, is at the root of what leaves these young pedophiles adrift, in the first place.

Combine this with the idiotic belief that “pedophiles want sexual anarchy”, and you’ve robbed true pedophiles of their ability to establish and maintain sexual order, within their own spheres of influence.

Young pedophiles don’t need outsiders, lacking a first hand understanding [and experience] of being a “pedophile”, trying to act like their handlers.

…They need established, respectable pedophiles to look up too, and take guidance from.

IT’s Teen Orgy…


Date: September 13, 2017

01) IT’s Teen Orgy

Full Video – Stephen King’s IT Best Book Scenes Not in the Movie:

” A review of Stephen King’s IT 2017 Movie. A discussion of the best scenes from the IT Book that were not in the movie. Explain what IT is.”

One of my favorite parts of the book.

I read “IT” as an early twenty something.

It’s been so many years since I read the book, that I don’t remember all the names of the characters…But I remember that part…It’s something you would only likely experience in a book…or in an exceedingly rare movie…

…Apparently, “IT 2017” is not such a movie.

I’m glad to see I’m not the only one, who agrees on the importance of that part.