Understanding and preventing adolescent pedophilia…

Date: September 13, 2017

01) Understanding and preventing adolescent pedophilia

“Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Professor Elizabeth Letourneau has devoted her life’s work to changing how people view child sexual abuse. In her 2016 TEDMED Talk, Elizabeth explains how initiatives that target juvenile sex offenders can play an important role in preventing future offenses.”

She sounds like an opportunistic hack, to me.

This is just more of the same old “you’re dangerous” paradigm.

“Child sexual abuse” and adolescent pedophilia, are not the same thing.

…And the title of that video, is absolutely horrifying…


Leave the pedophiles alone!

We don’t need your imposed holocaust.

We need a support structure…But we don’t need, what people like this woman has to offer.

To the extent that it intersects with pedophiles…true child sexual abuse can be addressed and combated, within the pedophile subculture, itself.

Most of it likely comes from a lack of guidance, in the first place.

The fact that it is so dangerous for “pedophiles” to find each other, associate, interact and build meaningful bonds, is at the root of what leaves these young pedophiles adrift, in the first place.

Combine this with the idiotic belief that “pedophiles want sexual anarchy”, and you’ve robbed true pedophiles of their ability to establish and maintain sexual order, within their own spheres of influence.

Young pedophiles don’t need outsiders, lacking a first hand understanding [and experience] of being a “pedophile”, trying to act like their handlers.

…They need established, respectable pedophiles to look up too, and take guidance from.

8 thoughts on “Understanding and preventing adolescent pedophilia…

      1. eqfoundation Post author

        Here are some thoughts, and a handful of grammatical errors I was able to find.

        I have to confess…I’m always a little bit uneasy, when the term “object of attraction” is used…as a lot of people jump on this, suggesting it as dehumanizing and disrespecting whomever is found attractive [IE a child]. Many people try to warp this into a “proof”, that the MAP dismisses the child, as if they were a lifeless object, merely there for the MAPs sexual satisfaction.

        I had someone trying to pull this stunt with me, when I used the word “its” while referring to a child, without specifying either sex…I did it for brevity, as it was a twitter tweet, and I was running out of characters…I didn’t want the awkward “he/she”, as well. They then tried to argue with me, that this was not a common grammatical practice [actually, it is]…and that “I did not consider children to be human”…which is utterly ridiculous.

        It may seem trivial, to those of us mature enough to not sink to that level of manipulation…But it should be noted, that some people see these kinds of words, and behave like that…Normally, they’re outsiders just trying to cause trouble.

        “If you are a minor yourself and is caught having those affairs,”

        If you are a minor yourself and are caught having those affairs,

        “Minors often become attracted to another minors”

        Minors often become attracted to other minors

        “doesn’t automatically makes you a pedophile”

        doesn’t automatically make you a pedophile

        “I can’t see why can’t someone stay abstinent for fear of a punishment in this life”

        I can’t see why someone can’t stay abstinent for fear of a punishment in this life

        “it doesn’t automatically makes you sick”

        it doesn’t automatically make you sick

        “the problem in hands”

        the problem in hand [possibly at hand]

        “While 30% of the cases do end harm”

        While 30% of the cases do end in harm

        “Even if not, is it really needed to rise it?”

        Even if not, is it really needed to raise it?

        “news only report what is of public interest”

        news only reports what is of public interest

        “Hearing of positive experiences on news wouldn’t improve anyone’s life”

        Honestly, I think it would improve the lives of many MAPs, and minors inclined to be involved with them, to be able to see community models of such relationships in action.

        “that you can live down with it”

        that you can live with it

        “Because of that, the only “agenda” among minor-attracted people, in the current climate, should be stigma reduction”

        I agree with this…Great section.

        “But for such thing to happen, they need to know what’s out there for them.”

        But for such a thing to happen, they need to know what’s out there for them.

        “I don’t oppose to copying and pasting this text elsewhere”

        I don’t oppose copying and pasting this text elsewhere

        “Because of that, it’s highly advised against to act on the attraction”

        Because of that, it’s highly advised against acting on the attraction

        “that the desired relationships not always end in harm”

        that the desired relationships will not always end in harm

        “It’s society that makes you ill, even if you stay law-abiding.”

        This is so true…I am law abiding…but the social impact has had a terrible effect on me…Even more so, given all the dear MAP friends I have lost, over the decades.

        The word “specially” may be thought of as more a slang version of “especially”. It may be more a matter of taste, but I’d use “especially”.

        In the “Rind Report” section, it may be worth noting that there is a third identified group, which is rather large. This is the group which experienced and further held the activities as being indifferent.

        In fact, I’ve always found it curious that the three groups [negative, positive and indifferent] divide the whole group, essentially into thirds…We’re looking at something more like 70% unharmed.

        But, then…if this doesn’t really add anything, to what you were intending on accomplishing, and it’s just “extra noise”, I understand leaving it out…It is just a thought.

        Lastly…I’d say this project is excellent.

      2. Yure

        English isn’t my first language, so I often goof up. I don’t take offense for being corrected. Thanks for you input, I addressed all issues you mentioned. I said that 70% report no harm, 30% report damage and 37% of boys and 11% of girls report positive. Positive also mean “no harm”, so I figured people would see that the amount of neutral experiences are something like 70 – 48 = 22%. Of course, the number isn’t correct, as it’s more complex that just subtracting 48 from 70, but I did hint that indifferent outcomes exist.

      3. eqfoundation Post author

        Of course, I didn’t mean anything by the grammar corrections…I just figured since I was catching them, it was a waste to not share them, and hence make you [or anyone else] need to find them all over again.

        About the 70%:

        I guess I must have gotten distracted, or something…

        I don’t want to get too deep into this, but I have a hard time maintaining focus, for long stretches of time.

        I can be right in the middle of something, and my mind completely blanks out…Sometimes, I instantly no longer know what I was just talking about.

        Any distraction can cause this…or none at all.

        I’ve really wanted to get back into doing media for years [most notably a podcast], and this problem has evolved into the main reason why I never have fulfilled that goal.

        It’s also why most of my blogging consists of copying and pasting stuff…I don’t write very much, anymore.

        You’re welcome for the feedback.

      4. eqfoundation Post author

        I’d also like to have a copy of this for my blog…Possibly for the MAP Educational Center


        …or some other section of the blog…Maybe I can make an entirely new section, for this type of content.

        As a side note, if Alex [who submitted feedback, for the above webpage] is looking on by chance…I appreciate your feedback, and checking out the section in question is on my mental “to do” list.

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