Hillary Clinton and Her Minions Seek Vengeance on America – Episode 110…

Date: September 21, 2017

01) Hillary Clinton and Her Minions Seek Vengeance on America – Episode 110

“In this episode—the longest in the history of our show—we’ll cover President Trump’s cruel decision to end DACA along with his plans to resell ‘trickle-down’ economics to the American people. We’ll also focus on the return of Hillary Clinton and challenge the arguments made in her new book, ‘What Happened.’ But Hillary Clinton’s return was accompanied by her most prominent minions including Peter Daou (with a new pro-Hillary propaganda website to attack progressives called “Verrit”) and Joy Ann Reid (who claims the Democratic Party should focus on identity politics and ignore economic issues). After covering these knuckleheads, we’ll shift focus to Medicare for All in the second half of the show. Finally, we’ll end the episode on a lighter note with a Patreon Q&A, and an interview with 2018 congressional candidate Sarah Smith and comedian Ron Placone, respectively. It’s the last episode for two weeks, as Mike will take a break to get hitched. Oh yeah—we also passed 25 million total views! Woohoo! So if you’re able to sit through 3+ hours of Mike ranting about politics then buckle up, because we’ve got a great show for you!”

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