This Is Sex…

Date: September 25, 2017

01) CNN: This Is Sex with Lisa Ling

“As the mother of two little girls, one of whom is 4 years old and constantly asking about how Mommy and Daddy made her, I know that I don’t want to impart fear and shame onto my daughters when it comes to sex. I want them, one day, to be able to enjoy it, while knowing that not being careful and communicative can have dangerous emotional and physical consequences.”

Sex education in high school.

Not saying I agree with everything presented here…but, it’s interesting because of the uproar it’s causing…

…for having the audacity to cover such topics as anal sex.

You want something to get offended over?…consider this…

…When I went through the brief and barren phase of “sex education” offered through my religious school…I don’t even recollect a competent explanation of “penis in vagina” mating, between humans…There may have been a tiny blurb thrown in there, before they brought it to a close and slammed the door shut on it [literally, forever]…but I don’t actually recall it.

No…I got treated to a long essay on how whales in the ocean make babies…As if a massive, protracting penis, under water, in the middle of the ocean, does a whole lot of good for clarity…

…What?…did they expect me to start having sex with ocean whales?

One could almost read promotion of zoophilia into this practice.

I was floored, when I saw the sex education text books, that my cousins got to learn from…They were a lot like porno magazines.

My younger cousin once lied to me, and even claimed that they allowed them to have sex with sex dolls, in the class…

…I didn’t believe him, though.

Many of the people so up in arms, about coherent and real information about sex being presented to teenagers…imagine that the insane religious crap I got served up as a teen, is acceptable…or at least preferable, to competent sex education [the kind that could actually help their lives].

What’s so sad…is that I was having regular, frequent, amazing sexual experiences, at least a couple of years before I even got this laughable ridiculousness dumped in front of me.

By twelve or thirteen…I probably could have taught the arrogant people trying to “teach me”, a thing or two about sex.

I’m just amazed at the saturation of ignorance that exists…

…I still remember the talks dad had with me in the car, on our way to and from wherever…

…It’s very awkward, when someone is trying to tell you something which they imagine is a revelation to you…And you’re setting there, knowing that you have a substantial sexual history already behind you…which you’re never going to tell them about…It’s all so ridiculously redundant.

…Why was the social atmosphere such, that nobody could honestly talk about the truth, and what was happening?

…That probably would have actually been useful.

3 thoughts on “This Is Sex…

  1. Yure

    I had sex ed at age 9, no joke. It got pulled off schools, obviously. But I had contact with sexual education before than that, thanks to my father, who gave lessons to adult students about HIV/AIDS and STDs in general. He allowed me to read his material, as I was six and had just learned to read and read everything in sight. I never got disturbed by it and never got stimulated to try either.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      You are lucky for that…I think sex education should start young…much younger than it usually does, in most places.

      We could avoid a lot of social problems and social hang ups, if this were the case.

      One thing that’s always amazed me, is the striking diversity in how people allow their children to grow up, and be sexually educated.

      When I was in first and second grade I had a friend…His mother was our teacher…He had two older brothers…

      When his mother gave birth to a new baby brother, they had a home birth…and my friend and his brothers were right there to witness it…They had pictures of the event…In some capacity, the father was medically trained…and the home birth was intentional.

      They were a really unique family…especially in the setting of our church.

      …One of my own aunts, deeply involved in the exact same church, described the practice of having the entire family [father and children] present at a birth, as being “wicked and satanic”…I expect she thought it was perverted, as well.


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