Dr. Marty Klein: Is Fear of Social Media Rage Censoring Your Sexuality?…

Date: October 04, 2017

01) Is Fear of Social Media Rage Censoring Your Sexuality?

“Government, religion, and the media are still major obstacles to healthy sexual expression. But now social media and an extraordinary meanness in public discourse has led to a dangerous self-censorship. People loudly criticize things they haven’t actually read, lying about them across cyberspace. The words “I disagree” have been replaced with forceful insults (“misogynist,” “rape apologist”), attempts to get people censured or fired (Laura Kipnis, John McAdams, Trent Bertrand), and violent action to prevent people from speaking in public.

As a lifelong “liberal” it breaks my heart to say this, but more of us need to: “liberals” and “progressives” are making it harder and harder to write about things that matter. While I want my writing and speaking to have an impact, I don’t want to risk aggressive pickets and physical threats just for the privilege of expressing myself. I’ve (warily) lectured in Communist Vietnam, mainland China, and the old Soviet Union; it shouldn’t be scary like that here in the U.S.”

It’s one of the oldest social wars that wont go away…It’s plagued us as a species…

The dirty little secret is…if they can control your sexuality…they can control you.

One of the primary reasons why those of us who continue to fight back get so much venom, murder threats, and the like…is because we are no longer fully controlled by them…

…We refuse, and deny, their purported authority.

…We identify them, for the aggressors and terrorists they factually are.

People like that, don’t like having a spotlight shown back on themselves.

When the masses can clearly see the many faults of these aggressors…it takes away the illusion, that these aggressors possess the moral high ground.

…It exposes their own morally bankrupt beliefs, practices and agendas…

…It makes it harder for the terrorists, when everybody else can see them for what they are.

5 thoughts on “Dr. Marty Klein: Is Fear of Social Media Rage Censoring Your Sexuality?…

  1. David Kennerly

    In the case of Twitter or Facebook, many of us have no choice but to censor ourselves if we want to stay on those platforms.

  2. Yure

    Seems like it’s almost fine to be pedophile if you are anti-contact or neutral-contact. Makes me want to make a Twitter just to check it out…

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I expect some MAPs use a proxy [maybe TOR], when setting up and using a Twitter account…I, personally, do not.

      It was kind of a deeper, personal decision to just “be out here” on the internet, as an open MAP walking the walk.

      It should be noted, that Allison Shea works for Twitter, and is head of the Twitter “trust & safety” team. Her alias is Del Harvey.

      Allison is formerly part of the three person core, which formed and made possible the online terrorist group “Perverted Justice”…A group which initially entrapped and tormented MAPs, and eventually took up the mantle of menacing, threatening, smearing and attempting to censor, MAPs engaged in lawful behavior.

      Allison has had a peculiar presence in several places where MAPs have been especially active…Including working at BlogSpot [2006], where the close intertwining of “Perverted Justice” with “Absolute Zero United” [another terrorist group, with like minded goals and ethics], led many of us to the conclusion that Allison was likely the inside person, who was habitually deleting the blogs of MAPs, and tampering with our accounts.

      She was also working at YouTube [2008], while I was most active there…Though it’s impossible to say, if she had any direct hand in the harassment of MAPs during that time.

      …And, of course, Twitter…I think I may have opened my own account, before she actually became professionally involved with Twitter…But by the time I really started using Twitter on a serious level, it soon came to light that Allison had burrowed her way into this service, also.

      She’s been like a bad stench in the air…somehow, constantly being there.

      I get the sense, she’s been attempting to distance herself from her own past…hence, not openly imposing her personal hand into things.

      …But, it’s not impossible that she’s still meddling around, under a mask.

      …Given how many people she’s maliciously screwed over, over many years…I expect, now that she is trying to settle down and have her own family, she probably lives with a substantial amount of paranoia.

      Anyway…The point is…There is a snake in the grass, at Twitter…and it is a serious enemy, with a serious past unlike most.

      I don’t know what her true authority or will is, anymore…Maybe she’s finally relented to the fact, that she cannot censor everyone she hates.

      What I’ve found, regarding Twitter…

      You can identify as a MAP.

      If you tow the “anti contact” party line, Twitter wont suspend or terminate your account.

      If you’re open minded, pushing for fair, open and accurate discussion of MAP related issues, you can essentially say anything so long as you’re not advocating violence, or advocating breaking the law.

      You cannot have an account, solely dedicated to changing the law [and public attitude] on intergenerational relationships.

      I approach MAP, children and youth issues, as a human rights advocate…Which has not only broadened the range of issues I can highlight and talk about…but, it’s also opened up the different angles, from which I can address the war on sex, and the war on humanity.

      1. Yure

        Well, maybe I would make a Twitter just to do my blog reposts, like I used to. I remember, having an account just for activism is forbidden, indeed. And me wanting to see if the harrassment is that real doesn’t sound like a good reason either…
        Thanks for the advice! I’m new to this, as I only began to actively research pedophilia this year, in May. I realized that I was full of prejudice myself. So I may need some guidance.

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