So Much of the Media Deserves This Specific Kind of Mockery…

Date: October 04, 2017

01) The Prescience of Brass Eye, 15 Years Later [2016]

“Chris Morris’s brutal satire aired its last and most controversial episode in 2001, but its skewering of the news media feels more relevant than ever.


“Paedogeddon,” like so much satire, can only stand in context. Its main target might have been the news media, but as a result of its intentionally manic presentation, it feels broadly dismissive of almost every kind of victimhood. The episode presents itself as a serious warning about the dangers of sex offenders living among us. Then it quickly turns into a hyperactive call for vigilante justice, in which every scared parent is a maniacal fool and every child molester is a monstrous goblin, too absurdly caricatured to exist in real life.

It’s beyond ridiculous—and yet, that’s exactly the direction in which political and journalistic discourse has trended in the intervening 15 years. Morris was mocking the weekly news show with Brass Eye, but he was also envisioning its apocalyptic future. At the end of “Paedogeddon,” a mob sets a man named “Peter Phile” on fire in his car, but the anchors dismiss his death as necessary collateral damage. “There’s an astonishing sense of community here … a sense of a job well done, a shared sigh of relief, very much like the bizarre euphoria at the end of an hour’s vomiting,” a reporter tells the camera, as the streets burn behind him.

That’s the world Morris was warning us about: One where every hero can do no wrong, and every villain is a lunatic worthy of public shaming. The mob justice “Paedogeddon” mocked now might now play out online, rather than in front of a TV camera, but its power remains just as frightening. Nuance, in an era of instant news, will be in scarcer and scarcer supply, and for all of Brass Eye’s shocking humor, that idea is the show’s most searing takeaway.”

I applauded “Brass Eye” and it’s creator Chris Morris, when this came out…and I continue to applaud.

The sheer level and degree of shoddy representation MAPs have been subjected too, at the hands of the media over the past several decades, has left me with the conclusion…that if equal karma ever comes back around and visits the people behind this media…metaphorically, they and their projects will be left mangled and in a body bag, abandoned in a landfill or left to feed the vultures…The roundabout would be both severe, and inhumane…if they were getting every bit as good, as they’ve greatly enjoyed dishing out

We all know that’s never going to happen…and the best we can anticipate, is social commentary on how out of control, vindictive and malicious the media has gotten.

We need a lot more of this style of mockery, aimed at what the media has been getting away with.

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