Spanish Police Brutalize Peaceful Catalan Protesters…

Date: October 06, 2017

01) Spanish Police Brutalize Peaceful Catalan Protesters

The History of Catalonia:

Catalonia Referendum Passes, but Spain Will Not Recognize It: My Thoughts:

1 thought on “Spanish Police Brutalize Peaceful Catalan Protesters…

  1. feinmann0

    I would guess that as successive Spanish governments have never made any concessions towards a single independent Basque state, Catalonia at roughly six times the size of the Basque region (and more than 6% of the size of Spain) will be treated the same way. It was foolish in the extreme for Madrid to have acted in the brutish way it did; all it will do it will trigger painful memories immortalised in both Picasso’s Guernica and Salvador Dali’s Autumn Cannabalism; it will likely unify all Catalans into a single cause against fascistic suppression.

    As an aside, I vividly recall the time I spent in a squat with a bl and Barcelona resident a couple of years back. His student network was distinctly activist and we took part in a couple of reactionary diversions. The first was casing derelict properties for potential squats – Barcelona has an acute accommodation problem for younger people but plenty of vacant properties. The second was a student march protesting about hiked metro fares to include full tariff for pensioners; the march snowballed as bystanders heard what the march was about. The swelling human crocodile blocked roads and finally dove down to occupy underground stations bringing the metro system to a halt. Fortunately the local police did not employ the same tactics as can be seen on the video above. What was noticeable …. out of almost every window in Barcelona, a Catalan flag was flying. Catalonia will be no pushover for the Spanish government.


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