Göran Adamson – The Swedish Jordan Peterson…

Date: October 13, 2017

01) Göran Adamson – The Swedish Jordan Peterson

“There are certain things you cannot say, even though they are true. And there are other things you are free to say even though they are not true.” (Göran Adamson)

Göran Adamson was teaching Sociology, the Problem of Multiculturalism, and Social Policy at the Dept. of Health and Society at Malmö University College, Sweden.

in 2015 he published a book entitled “The Trojan Horse: A Leftist Critique of Multiculturalism in the West”. This is the story of what happened to him as a result of daring to publish that book.

I’ve created this videoclip as a summary of his story that was told in a documentary I found on youtube, entitled “Swedish Documentary On Failed Immigration”, create by Pelle Neroth (in 2017).”

Book review:

Another book review:

Original movie:

An uncomfortable question:

Cultural infiltration is a real form of attack, with an established historical existence…

…Nobody likes to think, that it still goes on anymore…But what if it does?…Why wouldn’t it?…

…And what do you do about it?…

It’s an attractive long term tactic, with genuine incentives…Some cultures are known for employing it.

A complex point:

I love tiny pockets of foreign cultures, which you can find within the U.S…

…I really love Mediterranean food…

…It does not offend my sense of humanist decency, to see general Middle East [even Muslim] culture expressed in the U.S.

That’s not to say, I’ve never witnessed noxious behavior from such people…nor that I think there is no good reason to inform immigrants, that such behavior is frowned upon and not welcome here.

…It’s also not to say that I believe anyone should evade prosecution, wherever such behavior violates U.S. law.

If nobody is willing to do that…then how do you stop the worst elements from other cultures, from being imported here?

We’ve already got a surplus of noxious behavior, within the native U.S. population…The last thing we need is more.

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