Interview with Bill Ottman: and Free Speech Tech…

Date: October 19, 2017

01) Interview with Bill Ottman: and Free Speech Tech

“A conversation with Bill Ottman, CEO of

From what I understand…at least one MAP has had their account terminated…

…I’m not really sure how they went about using the account, though…I mean…arriving with all guns blasting, isn’t the most prudent tactic…not when trying to feel out a new resource…But one should never have to be neutered in their expression, on a self proclaimed “free speech” platform, either…especially not one, that uses this as a main selling point, and opposes itself to “everyone else” on such claims.

I have an account there…It’s been fine…though I’ve not used it for anything of note.

…It seems they want money [or something], just to do basic things like put up a personal icon…or a header banner, on your home page…These features have never worked for me.

…And the point system, dealing with “buying views”, is strange.

I’m not really sure what to do with the account, to be honest…I’m not aware of any substantial MAP community there.

A lot of these self claimed “free speech champions”, who invite you onboard to openly speak your mind, do not know what it means to literally stand up for, host and defend free speech.

…I’ve been down this road a few times…and found the claims to be a disingenuous farce.

The only place online I’ve ever found to be credibly free speech, is BoyChat…or the newsgroups…I suppose there is the deep web…But if you’re trying to have a presence on mainstream platforms, the deep web isn’t of much use.

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