Social Autopsy Developments [2017]…

Date: October 26, 2017

01) Why I Don’t Trust Red Pill Black (Candace Owens)

“Here’s my feelings on Red Pill Black. You don’t have to share them, but I would be remiss if I didn’t take the time to remind people that this person has such a shady past and their website is very much still up.”

My own Social Autopsy post from 2016.

Just a current look at the founder and owner of the “Social Autopsy” website. The website URL [] doesn’t appear to work at the moment.

Top search results for “Social Autopsy”:

The Strange Tale of Social Autopsy, the Anti-Harassment Start-up That Descended Into Gamergate Trutherism

An Open Letter to Social Autopsy

The Roast of Social Autopsy: It Gets Worse (Update)

Social Autopsy wants to become a search engine for anything bad you’ve ever said online

Of Note:

There’s an actual therapy program/practice for autistic kids, which uses the term “social autopsy”.

If the uproar over the ill conceived, potentially malicious “Social Autopsy” website had really taken off…this could have drowned out a legitimate autism program, making it hard to find on any internet search engine…and making said program very hard for people to find, even if they know the correct search term to use.

Social Autopsies: What Are They And Why You Need Them

Thankfully, these types of links only got pushed down about half a dozen spots.

Few things annoy me more about the internet, than the search ability of something being destroyed, because of the wall of useless information and endless squabbling that comes up, when you’re actually trying to find sound information about something entirely different [and legitimate].

Hopefully…this “Social Autopsy” doxing project is dead, and is not coming back…It’s parent organization seems really lifeless, at present.

It should be acknowledged:

…There are people out there, who chronically behave in such malicious ways towards others…that they do rightly deserve an expose, the likes of which “Social Autopsy” suggests giving.

Some people are just straight out sociopaths, and a danger to others…And not only does the public have a right to know…but their targets have a right to identify them, and address what is happening to them at the hands of said sociopath.

As I’ve set the foundation, for an expose on roughly the last ten years of crap I’ve been subjected to, at the hands of very specific, malicious sociopaths…I’ve reposted [and written] a few pieces, about specific individuals, who’ve maliciously threatened and harassed me over the span of years.

These sorts of cases fall into a unique category…and they’ve lost all right to remain anonymous, or unspecified…They lost that consideration, years ago…Especially after they started taking things offline, and started threatening me in ways/places that aren’t even related to anything I do online.

In addition…I need something concrete to be here, to reveal the true facts, and the path that led to it…in the event that anything happens to me, because of the actions of these malicious sociopaths.

If nothing else…I deserve that much…Nobody else is likely to do this on my behalf…So, it falls upon me, to set the record straight.

So…believe me…I understand extreme cases, where you’ve been subjected to something for such an insane amount of time…that your own hand is literally forced…and you end up exposing your tormentors…when by nature, you would avoid doing that, except as a last resort…

…Being a MAP who’s been targeted, smeared and threatened by many individuals and high profile groups…spending a very large chunk of my life under this constant threat and menace…I come at this issue from a very literal understanding, on just how bad it gets…and how serious it is…and how it affects you, long term…

…I know that this specific style and degree of behavior, needs to be brought to an end…and the perpetrators of it need to face consequential reckoning, for the injurious, serious abuses they’ve committed.

Red Pill Black’s Innocent Anti-Bullying Project [Sep 29, 2017]:

[Internet] WTF is Social Autopsy & why it stinks:

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