4 thoughts on “Corn Pop Racism: The True Insanity of Craptivism…

  1. Nick

    This is not the same guy who said that famous text of Salon of a Virped guy was an apology of a child sexual predator?

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Possibly…I’m not entirely sure.

      I don’t watch everything he puts out, nor do I agree with everything he says…

      If I had to limit inclusions to only people who agree with me over various MAP issues, I’d be sharing content from practically nobody.

      He is not very insightful where it comes to these kinds of issues…Other than that, he has an almost peculiar parallel to my own worldview…thus far.

  2. Styxhexenhammer666

    People like you bring shame to the Anti-establishment and Atheist cause – I, and many others, believe and want to show the world that the average Anti-establishment and Atheist is an ethical person, who puts the children well-being and needs first. Your paedophile agenda has offered you a route by which you can legally fuck a child, but at the price of the child being treated as livestock, and you have not been able to resist that offer – you are eager to throw the well-being and rights of the child under the bus so that you can drain your spuds. You have not so much as lost your moral compass, as deliberately thrown it into the mud, stamped on it, pulled up your burnous and voided a copious flow of foul-smelling paedophiella all over the shards and fragments that remain of it.

    I’ll be honest: I prefer ‘gays’ to you. At least they believe that they have children’s best interests at heart. All my gay friends are antipedophiles – all good people – none of them would fail to condemn the selling of little boys for sex, their rape within religious groups, their genitals being touched at and molested etc – all of them hate NAMBLA and the way they treat innocent little boys. These antis are better people than you, indeed they are more child-lovers than you – the little boy for you is just some receptacle for your sperm – to be purchased from her parents, or slave-owners (see NAMBLA – paedophile ring so-called association in USA), and stored at home, no better than a sex-doll made of flesh, that actually cries and bleeds.

    Your sexual deviancy, or your interpretation of your deviancy, has lost the argument – so that all that is left for you is to falsely add to your cause those like me who have, through Reason and evidence, discredited your sick impulses. Your sexual predator apology and dishonesty is the sure sign that you have no defensible grounds for your position.

    Unfortunately, it’s not within my power to stop you accessing or visiting my Youtube channel. But if it were I’d exercise that power. I don’t want you visiting my Youtube channel. You’re not welcome here. You’re not welcome in my world or my mind.

    But what it is within my power to do is to set up my comment system so that any comments you make go straight into the trash. After posting this comment I will take the necessary step – I will only be aware of your existence during my very rare visits to my ‘trash can’ where your comments will lie amongst the pork ribs and half-empty beer bottles.

    Well, Steve Diamond/ Our Love Frontier/eqfoundation – you’ve also gone and scored an own-goal for your ‘sexuality’: your dishonesty and baseness has made me decide to research and write a series of essays that will come under the rubric of ‘the child under the paedophile agenda’: these essays will include and examination of the story of The Satanic Paedophile ring and Podesta as told in the #Pizzagate issue; an essay on CSA; one on child-abuse under paedophile catholic priests, and one on the condition of little boys under other religious groups. I would also like to write an essay on the condition of the little boy groomed by now outed pedophile Kevin Spacey. The need for other essays may also arise as I work on these.

    These essays will be a two fingers, a bronx cheer, to any attempt by you, or anyone else, to try to police what I can research, what I can think or what I can write. They will be dedicated to all little children who are repressed and abused in the name of ‘the sexuality of love of children’. Let not this dedication be a hollow verbal flourish: if any good comes from Steve Diamond/ Our Love Frontier/eqfoundation’s dishonesty and agenda it is that it has motivated me to increase my standing payments to the CSA charity I contribute to.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Hello, and welcome…

      You’ve made some grotesque mischaracterizations of this blog…and myself.

      You should actually understand a persons viewpoints and stance, before addressing them like you have here.

      I’ve never left any comments on your videos.

      You are free to make videos on subjects, as you please…and give away your money, as you please…

      I don’t even know what you mean by “any attempt by you, or anyone else, to try to police what I can research, what I can think or what I can write.”, as I’ve never attempted to manipulate you in any way. I just think you have an interesting mind, and I like to share bits of wisdom where I find them.

      Tell you what…You want to shut your mind down, and be this way…Very well…I’ve never needed your media…If you don’t want the views this fine blog generates, I have no qualms about simply not watching anymore of your videos. It’s ridiculous it should come to that, but I’m fine with it.

      If you think myself and the audience of this blog is “so far below you”, that we don’t even deserve to hear your words for consideration and possible education/enrichment…

      …you’ve got it backwards…It is you, who does not deserve the privilege of this blog as another outlet.

      As to the accusation of “brining shame” to atheists and whomever else…

      I am a MAP…My life and existence are dignified, justified and fully ethical…Getting offended that I’ve often documented my thoughts, on the many things that make me human?…that’s just silly, and immature.

      I am an atheist…I have every right to speak and write as one…I have every right to speak, write and share my journey and wisdom, through this life path.

      I cannot stop the reality, that many atheists are closed minded bigots who live in a bubble…or that their dedication to free speech, open dialogue and human rights, for them only extends to their limited worldview…nor that many regress to religious like dogmatic fits, when confronted with some realities in this world.

      I speak and write as an atheist [about half of my life, now]…because it is part of what has made me who I am, today…

      I don’t require the stamp of approval from other atheists, to either be an atheist, or express myself as one.

      Nobody is forced to associate with me…and posts sharing content, does not constitute an association.

      I would put my own behavior and standard of ethics up against those of anyone.

      I like to explore and discuss social issues, preferably for the betterment of this world…Which is why I share a wide range of content on this blog.

      I don’t know what you imagine is “being shamed”, or “causing shame”…

      …My ethical presence and work to foster dialogue is a credit to this world…And there is no owner of “the atheist movement”.

      – Steve Diamond


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