Is the Atheist Movement Dying? (TTA Podcast 352)…


Date: October 31, 2017

01) Is the Atheist Movement Dying? (TTA Podcast 352)

“Seth Andrews offers his perspective on “The Atheist Movement,” its challenges, its opportunities, its evolution, and the warnings about its demise. It’s hoped that you’ll approach the show with an open mind, a respectfully critical ear, and the desire to build a world free from the bonds of superstition, dogma, and magical thinking.”

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2 thoughts on “Is the Atheist Movement Dying? (TTA Podcast 352)…

  1. Heathen

    I haven’t heard the podcast yet. But I see “organized” atheism in disarray. Consider what happened with Sargon at Mythcon. Who would want to be part of a movement that acts this way (on both sides). The “interview” was nothing more than a virtue-signalling ambush reminiscent of Carrier, Myers, Brayton, and other “with us or against us” folk, and the interviewee responded childishly, which was not at all helpful. In the Great White North it’s no better, with often irrelevant yet dominant-appearing websites and conventions being run by the regressive left, rather than atheists.

    And as we are virtually shut out of political power, we have to endure Christian religious holidays, and the annual “it’s not religious” con game (try that with Eid), and God on US money (despite the prohibition on establishment of religion), and now an ever-widening range of exemptions for Christ-pushers via federal and state RFRAs, put into place by both parties as a gift to their religious bases.

    But we are winning online in video and audio. I think the ground is shifting faster than many politicians think. I wish I could say it was due to good arguments and having the facts, but mostly it’s because religious people are just acting like a bunch of assholes and it’s driving people away.

    To cement this change, of course, it would be nice to have a functioning organized atheism. Better luck next time, I guess.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I sometimes struggle with the question of who to highlight on this blog…in part, because of what you’ve mentioned here.

      I follow issues, and thoughtful conversation about those issues…Which is why I sometimes include Sargon’s videos here, despite that he can be quite crass and disrespectful.

      I really don’t subscribe to any notion, that people should be black balled because they’re not perfect in every way…or, in the aftermath of any “fall from grace”.

      I’m happy to observe the human being in it’s natural state [whatever that may be]…so long as the issue is interesting and of value.

      As far as “the movement”…I agree with Seth…It’s honestly a bunch of groups…many of whom don’t really much get along.

      I suppose…the best we can do is highlight the people who are doing things we find to be of value.

      Maybe it is time for something new…After all, “the atheist movement” has been stretched into so many directions, and hijacked by so many divisive behaviors…it really doesn’t mean much of anything.

      Nobody can really explain what “the movement” is, or who is in it…or what it’s really accomplishing.

      I agree…Atheism is really being bolstered, by the foul behavior within religion…

      …Given what the atheist community has become…if “being an atheist” were a matter of leaving some group, like you’d leave a church…I expect there would be an exodus from atheism.

      The thing about a-holes…Even if they’re not operating in the context of religion…they have to go somewhere…and atheists are just another destination for them.


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