Ostrich Parasitic Syndrome Strikes Physicist Lawrence Krauss (THE SAAD TRUTH_536)…

Date: November 02, 2017

01) Ostrich Parasitic Syndrome Strikes Physicist Lawrence Krauss (THE SAAD TRUTH_536)

Who is a terrorist?…

…Is it like religion, in the sense that it requires a minimum number of people [in this case, terrorized], before the perpetrator is recognized as “a terrorist”?

Often times, we do recognize people with limited areas of target, as “terrorizing a community”…or “terrorizing a family”…and such.

How does it change things and make them “not terrorism”, if anyone is still being terrorized?

They may not be organized with other terrorists…But if someone is being terrorized…isn’t it still terrorism?

And what of those plots that never came to fruition, where nobody realized they were targeted for terrorism…Are the people behind those terrorists?…They could, realistically, still be charged with conspiracy to commit terrorism.

Not so sure how much I agree with Gad on this one.

Of course…Gad is correct, that motive is vital.

…but if someone cracks, and they start creating an atmosphere of terror for other people…

…in my book, that makes them some degree of terrorist.

Just because they may not expand it to a level of affecting broader social change, doesn’t mean they’re not a small time terrorist, seeking petty, self serving goals.

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