Chicago archdiocese wins claim against false sex abuse allegations…

Date: November 03, 2017

01) Chicago archdiocese wins claim against false sex abuse allegations

“A Chicago man who filed a lawsuit against the Archdiocese of Chicago alleging sexual abuse by a notorious former priest has been ordered to repay the church for the money it spent defending itself, a Cook County circuit court judge ruled earlier this month. Church officials in Chicago say that revelations regarding other fraudulent cases could be forthcoming, a prospect that both the archdiocese and victim advocates say will be a disservice to genuine victims.

The man, identified in court documents only as John J. Doe, said in a 2015 lawsuit that he had been sexually assaulted by Daniel McCormack, a former priest who was convicted in 2007 of molesting five boys associated with a Chicago Catholic school that was connected to the parish where he was pastor.

While serving time in prison, Mr. Doe discussed plans for the lawsuit on the telephone with several people, including a cousin who had previously settled with the archdiocese over abuse claims against Mr. McCormack. During the initial phase of the lawsuit, lawyers for the archdiocese subpoenaed more than 300 hours of audio recordings from those phone calls. The church then found evidence they claimed proved Mr. Doe was lying about the abuse.”

Not every alter boy gets touched…But some would have found such a history, to be financially lucrative.

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