How Calling Kevin Spacey a Pedophile Hurts the Gay Community…

Date: November 03, 2017

01) Don’t know what to make of this article

02) How Calling Kevin Spacey a Pedophile Hurts the Gay Community

” Let me be as clear as possible that Spacey’s alleged conduct, imposing himself unwanted on a 14-year-old boy, is in no way defensible, nor is closeted queerness an excuse that authorizes bad behavior. (Spacey’s statement doesn’t dispute either of these points.) However, we can condemn the alleged events of Rapp’s story without falling into the trap of fueling moral panic around the specter of the pedophile. And in its pitchfork-and-torches response, that’s exactly what the gay community is doing. It used to be straights who “pedophiled” gays to deny them civil rights and social inclusion. Now we apparently pedophile our own for moral purification and self-satisfaction.”

It sounds like some degree of awareness exists…that cannibalizing everyone who “steps out of line”, is a socially destructive behavior by it’s nature.

These things are like a rattlesnake…They’ll ultimately bite anyone, and sow distrust, discord and hate within any community…They’ll poison and kill a community, if allowed to go unrestrained.

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