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35 Minutes on YouTube Demonetization…

Date: November 05, 2017

01) 35 Minutes on YouTube Demonetization

“Even with 35 minutes I feel like I didn’t do a great job discussing this issue, which is maybe part of the problem. There isn’t a simple solution, but an important part of moving forward is that platforms need to be aware that making advertisers happy and making creators happy are not always the same things.

And since advertisers are having no problems exercising their leverage against YouTube, creators need to do the same. We need features for us, and we need to keep YouTube from being a bland place full of well-dressed, friendly white guys tousling Donald Trump’s hair.”


I think YouTube’s “revenue sharing” program grew into something of a monster, largely because they only seriously vetted the people eligible for the first few years.

I remember some of the “second wave” people climbing aboard, who sometimes talked about the money they got paid for their videos…and some of these cases really astonished me.

I wont name names, but some of these people could be accurately described as abusive internet trolls…some made and implied violent threats towards other people…and YouTube was giving them a paycheck for producing this kind of content…

…YouTube has ended up creating this video cottage industry…where malicious, antisocial behavior is a marketable commodity…There have been people who’ve taken their sociopathic tendencies…and made “a job” [or “a livelihood”] out of it…

Today…we have this generation that’s grown up, thinking that making YouTube videos is a viable career path…

…And some of them emulate the established YouTube sociopaths.

I do look at these things going on with YouTube with some interest, in how it’s impacting that segment of “YouTube creators”.

The thing about these sorts, who smear, taunt, shame and menace others in their videos…is that this is a form of behavior, which falls way outside of entertainment, education, or anything that might be reasonably defined as beneficial…

…I’ve been asking the question for years…why are brazen sociopaths, allowed to use YouTube’s platform to smear, bully and terrorize people, while YouTube rewards them with money for it?

…This has always been the primary thing that’s struck me, as the huge elephant in the room.

You’d think YouTube would have been embarrassed and ashamed of itself for that, alone…But, they turned a blind eye and let it go on…

…Eventually, the sociopaths who band together and murder people caught onto what was going on, and figured they could pad their pockets a bit more by exploiting the same situation.

It took a less than honest news organization with a large audience, to force YouTube to do something about this years running cancer.

Now a lot of people are complaining, because that sort of thing has been the norm on YouTube…and they imagine it’s “their right”…

In my opinion…YouTube needs conduct standards that actually mean something…and they need to actually enforce them.

…not target certain social groups, for censorship and specialized interference…but hold every single person using YouTube, to the exact same standards of conduct…stop playing favorites, or turning a blind eye to so called “good vigilantes”…or even just the people who put themselves over as “virtuous truth tellers”, when a little bit of research will expose them for the vicious, lie spreading malcontents they are.

Does YouTube want to clean up it’s platform?…I guess we shall see.

The first step…is getting the bias and bigotry out of YouTube’s own administration and leadership.

Pollsters Continue to Prove Progressives Are Right About Everything…

Date: November 04, 2017

01) Pollsters Continue to Prove Progressives Are Right About Everything

“A new Harvard-Harris poll demonstrates that a majority of Democratic Party voters agree with progressives about the Party being too conservative and out of touch. Additionally, a Trump pollster admits that Donald Trump likely wouldn’t have been able to defeat Bernie Sanders had he became the Democratic Party’s nominee in 2016.