When ‘The Righteous’ Condemn: Three Questions…


Date: November 09, 2017

There’s generally three questions I want answered, wherever someone wants “the predator burned at the stake”…

1) Were you present, when and where the alleged event(s) took place?

2) Do you personally know any of the people alleged to have been involved?

3) Where did you get your information?

If you were not there, then you have no first hand knowledge of the alleged events.

If you don’t know any of the people allegedly involved, then you don’t even have a credible second hand account.

If you got your information from one of countless rumor mills…well…then you have nothing of concrete value, to base any conclusion on.

So much of the talk that gets bantered about, wherever the “Kevin Spacey” of the moment is being crucified by public opinion, adds up to little more than vicious, uninformed nattering…And often it’s an expression of hatred for sexual minorities, couched in the veneer of “outrage over public [child] safety”.

The main reason why I stubbornly resist accepting accusations of this nature as true, especially early on…is because most of the talk going on, is just unsubstantiated repetition of those accusations…by people who themselves don’t know what factually happened.

For some reason…it seems most people have a strange disposition, to accept whatever talk is fed to them, without a critical mind to filter it with.

Kevin Spacey may prove to be a terrible person, before all is said and done…or maybe he’ll be exonerated…I don’t know…

…And my point is…You don’t know either, unless you’re part of that finite, micro sliver of the human population, that had to spend time around Kevin Spacey.

It’s not a defense of Kevin Spacey, for me to say any of this.

So many people deem themselves “authoritative” to say anything about these kinds of cases, immediately following an accusation…when those people don’t know anything, other than the accusation…and they could never confirm, the legitimacy of the accusation.

It would be quite interesting to see…just how these very same people weathered it…should they one day suddenly find themselves at the center of a life destroying, public firestorm…the likes of which they presently engage in, without thought or care.


10 thoughts on “When ‘The Righteous’ Condemn: Three Questions…

  1. octaevius

    It is strange that in theory an individual is considered innocent although this has not always been the case historically; many have had legal systems where you were automatically regarded as guilty and the onus was on the defendant to prove otherwise.
    I always tell people now to stop watching the news and to stop reading the newspapers. It is still practically impossible not to be bombarded with these types of hysteria. It seems we are beginning to go back to the Age where instead of being “accused” you are regarded automatically as guilty. It is especially tragic when we see people being accused of crimes that took place decades ago. We all know that it is impossible to prove or disprove these claims apart from a confession or forensic evidence (in the case of murder).
    I say this time and time again. You have no past. The past can never be altered. It makes no sense to accuse any person of a crime that took place in the past because we are all living in the same time and that is in the present. It is foolish to dredge up the past especially since it is impossible for any event that took place in the past to have any effect upon you whatsoever in the present unless you will it to. Why would any Human suddenly want to go back years or decades just so that they can “play a victim”? Is it for publicity, sympathy (do you really want people to feel sorry for you?) or is it money?
    This tend is just another example of Hysteria that needs to be completely ignored.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I’m with you, on not watching or reading media…I take sabbaticals from it…but, of course, it’s obvious that I keep up with things going on in society and politics.

      The only exception I can think of, where it comes to dredging up a past crime that can no longer be proven, is if you know the person is presently doing something ruthless to another human being…or is still doing something ruthless, to themselves…and stepping forward to expose their ruthless legacy, is the only way to stop it.

      Aside from that…the Kevin Spacey case…it sounds like he was trying to make out with the fourteen year old…Claiming he was attempting rape, seem a step too far.

    2. feinmann0

      “It makes no sense to accuse any person of a crime that took place in the past …”

      Ah, but Octavius, does it not make perfect sense for compensation lawyers such as Slater and Gordon, to acquire and represent as many ‘victims’ as it possibly can. Just think of the money that can be made.

      In the UK at least there has existed a perfect environment for the blossoming of a false allegation industry for decades now, when: the police mantra is ‘victims must be believed’, the anonymity of the ‘victim’ is preserved until they die, the only evidence required is a verbal accusation, the payment of compensation out of tax-payers money to victims for the abuse they have suffered, the fees paid out to victims who have sold their lies to the media.

      The perfect example of this is the eruption of accusations of sexual abuse against the famous disc jockey and entertainer Sir Jimmy Savile but only once he had died. 450 people claim to have been abused by him across the UK, and 28 police force areas have logged 600 crimes committed by him between 1955 and 2009. Law firm Osborne Clarke allegedly claimed costs of 1.8 million pounds sterling for its work for running a compensation scheme, and lawyers working for the claimants will be paid a total of £689,000. A payout of just over one million pounds sterling has been agreed for 78 cases of abuse, with each victim getting £13,000.

      Lawyers acting for the ‘victims’, and depending upon a Salem witch trial dynamic, have ensured the totality of Jimmy’s estate has gone to both themselves and their clients, money bequeathed by the star to desrving charities. And yet there has never been a single shred of evidence to indicate his guilt: see Moor Larkin’s jimcannotfixthis.blogspot.com

      1. eqfoundation Post author

        Over half a century of alleged CSA…Yet Jimmy was “protected”, even throughout the years where the feverish, rabid witch hunt was overtaking western cultures?

        Was Jimmy honestly so glorious, that they’d turn a blind eye to “600 crimes against 450 kids”?

        Maybe the fifties, sixties and seventies were a different era…but I’ve seen way too many people [including celebrities] go down in flames, from the eighties onward, to believe that any organization is going to protect such a harrowing legal and financial liability.

      2. octaevius

        It is shocking how the U.K. is constructed upon a platform of shame, fear, lies and inequality still to this day. The trash tabloids will do anything to sell more papers. I’ll be pleased to visit the U.K. after the long overdue revolution.

      3. feinmann0

        Octavius, why restrict the revolution to the UK? That particular septic isle is just a single spoke within a greater axis of evil … the US.

  2. feinmann0

    My apologies extending this particular topic, but I think it is important to communicate the evil nature of the State-sponsored juggernaut – within which the media is central – that is ruining the lives of so many men and their families, at least in the UK.

    A number of the accused in the legion high-profile cases have certain traits.

    Leon Brittan, a Jew, politician and former home secretary, was interviewed by police as he was dying with terminal cancer. He was accused being part of a Westmister-based VIP child sexual abuse ring. His accuser, “David”, whose anonymity has been preserved throughout, admitted in a BBC interview that he had provided names including Lord Brittan, as a joke suggestion to start with, but that he had later gone along with it. “David” has never been prosecuted.

    Greville Janner, a Jew, politician and barrister, was accused of child rape said to occur between 1960 and 1980, and found unfit to stand trial just days before he died in December 2015. Three of the nine lead accusers dropped their compensation claims as six claimants, managed by law firm Slater and Gordon, continue to press for damages from the late peer’s £1.8 million estate. His barrister son Daniel Janner, is currently fighting the remaining claims.

    Edward Heath, bachelor, former prime minister, allegedly asexual, and who died in 2005, was posthumously accused of raping an 11 year-old boy, devil worship, murder and having a thirst for human blood, and a participant within the Westminster VIP paedophile ring. Wiltshire police launched their 2015 inquiry outside the dead prime minister’s home. This stunt subsequently led to dozens of claims of sexual abuse (youtube.com/watch?v=3a-vb3Nd9mU). The head of Wiltshire police maintains that the allegations against the Heath “are 120 per cent genuine”.

    Cliff Richard, bachelor, legendary singer and entertainer, was accused of historic sexual abuse of boys. The BBC hired a helicopter to film the police raid of the singer’s home. The singer only found out about the raid whilst he watched TV in his second home in Portugal. Charges were dropped subsequently, and he successfully sued the police for a seven figure sum. He has taken the BBC to court over their involvement in the raid of his home, where he is seeking substantial damages.

    Harvey Proctor, homosexual, ex-politician, was fined £1,450 for sexual relationships with males between 17 and 21 years of age in 1986 which ended his political career. He was accused of the murder of three boys whilst being a member of the Westminster VIP child sexual abuse ring. His accuser was “Nick”. (youtube.com/watch?v=RLm7rdRBOF4).
    Jonathan King, homosexual, founder of the pop group Genesis, was accused by five men of historic sexual abuse offences and served a long prison sentence for crimes he could not have committed. His story is told here: bobwoffinden.com/articles/jonathan-king. Jonathan has a lively blog and one which I visit daily to find out what new extremes the Establishment have reached: kingofhits.co.uk/component/option,com_kunena/Itemid,65/func,showcat/catid,2

    I mentioned Jimmy Savile above. He was a bachelor, and worse, a notable eccentric. Perfect fodder to fuel the false allegations industry, especially when the guy is dead, and his estate is worth millions.

    I should add that the Crown Prosecution Service is pivotal in deciding whether potential criminal cases should proceed to court. This agency was previously headed by Keir Starmer who was then superceded by Alison Saunders. Starmer was a coiner and committed supporter of ‘victims are speaking the truth and must be believed’ mantra’; Saunders has taken this to a whole new level ,and one has to wonder what must have happened to her when she was a young girl to produce such a vituperative man-hating feminist adult.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      No apologies required. 🙂

      Thank you, in fact.

      I’m pretty sure I have Jonathan Kings blog/website/movies linked on the EQF Community Links page….which can be found through The Links Hub, or the EQ Foundation Homepage.


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