Top Ten Books to Understand Islamism…


Date: November 17, 2017

01) Top Ten Books to Understand Islamism

“The debate about how best to deal with Islamism is a complex topic that raises many different questions.

How far should religion be accommodated in the public sphere? To what extent is Western foreign policy responsible for the rise of Islamist movements? Does Islamic theology support terrorism?

Clearly to speak knowledgeably about the problem and potential solutions, a broad range of understanding is needed, taking in both the Enlightenment values of toleration and integration as preached in contemporary Western democracies as well as Muslim thought. Only by combining these spheres can one gain a fuller picture

So, here are 10 “must-reads” to understand the current debate about Islamism:”


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2 thoughts on “Top Ten Books to Understand Islamism…

  1. octaevius


    In truth the concept of “Islamism” is really just another distraction. “Distractions is a means of superintendence.”
    Most of us know that there is no such thing as “Terrorism” because there is no such thing as honourable war. The only true rule of war that is always followed is that “innocent people die”. Perhaps it is better to demand that all foreign army bases are closed and that all troops and weapons of war being deployed to occupy foreign cities in the name of “protecting financial interests” be recalled to their places of origin and kept there.
    Does anybody really believe that foreign occupation of cities is ever helpful? Just as Britain how it worked in Northern Ireland. War will never lead to peace.
    Too often today is Islam which is an organized religion based upon the fundamentals of Light and Love, being used as a tool of repression as well as protest. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the religion. It is being used as a distraction and it is working. If people wish to protest en-mass it should be to demand that all countries (which are in fact internment camps anyways) stop plaguing foreign cities with troops and weapons of destruction and claim to be “helping” them. All through history this tactic has never ever worked and yet so many remain silent.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      One of my larger issues with Islam, is that it’s texts were being written while it was evolving in a hostile environment.

      Both personal survival, and vying to gain the dominant, upper hand, are interwoven into it’s very foundation.

      It could be reasonably argued, that this is all result of the era in which Islam was forged…yes…

      …Yet, remarkably…there are many who see those long gone eras, as if they just happened yesterday, and they’re somehow still relevant…And worse, still…that people who never could have been responsible for them, are inexplicably responsible for them.

      I don’t buy into the idea, that all of this “has nothing to do with the religion”…anymore than I believe the crusades have nothing to do with Christianity…or the desert genocide of the old testament has nothing to do with Judaism.

      …As these things are in the very mixture, which created those religions…

      As I see it…They’ve grown…They’ve fanned out…They’ve diluted, to one degree or another…

      …Islam is still relatively young…and not so well removed from it’s past, as many of us would like to see it.

      Religions are like “nations of the mind”…They’re another social structure of control, but not based on geographical location…They have no true authority…yet they have billions of people, living in submission to them.

      This has allowed organized religions to cause so many problems, over their existence.

      I suppose I should note, however…that every ideological, social structure created by humans does this.

      The only existing structure that hasn’t ever gotten it’s chance at the forefront, is humanism [a philosophy based on compassion and logic]…

      I’ve never understood why humanism is considered so “wicked, evil and threatening” to established religions, when humanism represents the best of “Light an Love” possible.

      It seems all the major religions should embrace humanism…Yet, they commonly treat humanism, as if it were their own antithesis.

      …one of the staggering paradoxes, of theism.


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