Seth Andrews: The Satanic Panic – The Witch Hunt of the Late Twentieth Century…


Date: November 19, 2017

01) Seth Andrews: The Satanic Panic – The Witch Hunt of the Late Twentieth Century

“Join Seth Andrews for a humorous (and occasionally shocking) romp through The Satanic panic of the 70s, 80s and 90s.

His speech was given at the 2017 Florida Freethought Conference.”

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2 thoughts on “Seth Andrews: The Satanic Panic – The Witch Hunt of the Late Twentieth Century…

  1. feinmann0

    So I might be imprisoned for up to ten years for being found guilty by the picture police of having ‘distributed’ an image of a naked child discovered on my computer, which in my estimation is no more a crime than watching video footage of the 9/11 attack, but it is perfectly OK for fundamentalist, aka mental, Christians to terrorise and traumatise kids en masse by forcing them to endure the tribulation (33 minutes in), which Seth Andrews rightly calls child abuse.

    It is high time that the pugilistic, discriminatory focus that for decades has been rained down upon minor-attracted individuals, be shifted onto the armies of religious psychopaths who fervently heap mental abuse onto the youngest generations. There should be no expense spared to root these evil people out and punish them for the wicked terrorist acts they have committed.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Oh yes…I remember that movie [or those movies, whichever it was we saw]…

      They actually capture a family, including a little girl…and I always remembered the scene in a prison cell, where the mother is trying to talk her crying daughter through, what was about to happen to her [“pray to god”…”think of jesus”, or some such thing]…Then they come and take her away, out to the guillotine in the courtyard…It’s not a graphic depiction…but, the character [a little girl] is beheaded…for no apparent reason, other than being in a “Christian family”.

      This was represented as a literal look into the future…possibly not that far into the future. We was led to believe, if we got left behind…we were going to be killed…I guess the guillotine was chosen, for extra gruesome effect…and shock…

      At the time [the early eighties, and I was ten or so], it was honestly disturbing…the kind of thing that could cause a really bad, psychological complex.

      They did this sort of stuff…It’s part of what I’ve talked/written about, for years.

      I know I’ve written about this specific movie, at least once.


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