Donation and Mutation…


Date: November 21, 2017

01) Donation and Mutation

02) Direct Download [MP3]

“Where do you find comfort after the death of a child? In this episode, we follow one couple as they discover a sense of purpose in an unlikely place: a clinical world where human parts are used for research. In this surprising journey, Ross and Sarah Gray gain a view of science that is redemptive, fussy facts that are tender, and parts of a loved one that add up to something unexpected.

Then, we get a glimpse at a technology on the cusp of radically changing how we think about the effect of scientific advancements on humanity. Hidden inside some of the world’s smallest organisms is one of the most powerful tools scientists have ever stumbled across. It’s a defense system that has existed in bacteria for millions of years and it may some day let us change the course of human evolution.”


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